Key West

KEY WEST, Fla. - The Coast Guard says around 100 tar balls have been recovered throughout the Florida Keys in the last week, but none have been linked to the massive Gulf of Mexico spill.

KEY WEST, Fla. - Florida tourism officials are taking to the airwaves to try and combat worries over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

KEY WEST, Fla. - The Coast Guard says tar balls that floated ashore in the Florida Keys aren't linked to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

MIAMI - Government scientists surveyed the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday to determine if oil from a massive spill off Louisiana entered a powerful current that could take it to Florida.
Salazar: Gov't failed to assure drilling safety
WASHINGTON - Interior Secretary Ken Salazar conceded Tuesday that the government failed to hold the oil industry accountable and ensure safety in offshore oil drilling.
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