LONDON - Low-cost airline easyJet PLC unveiled plans Friday to test infrared technology's ability to detect volcanic ash clouds and urged other airlines to help map the ash risk across Europe's skies.

LONDON - Three of Europe's busiest airports reopened Monday afternoon after a dense volcanic ash cloud from Iceland dissipated and a no-fly zone was lifted.
Iceland Volcano May 11: Ash Beyond Europe
REYKJAVIK, ICELAND ( The Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland seems to be causing even more trouble with its consistent ash spewing that had been dormant for over two hundred years.

RABAT, Morocco - Volcanic ash from Iceland wound its way south to North Africa and curled eastward on Tuesday, forcing authorities for the first time to shut down airports in Morocco, as well as in Spain and, briefly, in Turkey.

DUBLIN - Iceland's volcano has produced a 1,000-mile-wide (1,600 kilometer-wide) ash cloud off the west coast of Ireland that will force western Irish airports to shut down again Friday, the Irish Aviation Authority announced.
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