AUCKLAND - An Indian fruit packer was Friday sentenced to life imprisonment by a New Zealand court for killing a woman and her two-year-old daughter.

AUCKLAND - A footballer has been charged with running an international cocaine smuggling ring which was recently busted here in New Zealand, police said.

AUCKLAND - A woman in New Zealand, who was kidnapped as she slept with her partner, was rescued by the police, thanks to an alert nine-year-old boy who quickly alerted his mother.

AUCKLAND - A 48-year-old Scottish immigrant to New Zealand who brutally stabbed his wife 25 times with three butcher knives - breaking two of them and bending the third at a 90 degree angle - has been jailed for life.

AUCKLAND - Police officials in 10 prisons in New Zealand have been trained to use pepper sprays to tackle rowdy inmates.
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