Air Traffic Control

GARDEN CITY, N.Y. - The pilot and his crew who brought 60 passengers to safety in a weekend emergency landing at John F.

MINNEAPOLIS - An air traffic controller asked a cargo pilot why he didn't make a turn as ordered in the moments before his plane's near-collision with a US Airways jet over Minneapolis.

MINNEAPOLIS - Federal regulators said Thursday they are investigating a near-collision of a US Airways jet and a small cargo plane that came within 50 to 100 feet of each other over Minneapolis just after takeoff.

WASHINGTON - Errors by an air traffic controller distracted by a personal phone call set the stage for a midair collision last year over the Hudson River between a tour helicopter and a small plane that claimed nine lives, a federal safety panel said Tuesday.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - Emirati investigators said Tuesday that flight recorder data indicates pilots on a UPS cargo plane that crashed in Dubai faced visibility and communication problems as the cockpit filled with smoke from an onboard fire.
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