Boxer arrested for killing ‘father’

Monday, December 27, 2010

NEW DELHI - A 21-year-old boxing coach has been arrested for killing his “father” in south Delhi, police said Monday. His accomplice was also held.

According to police, accused Ravi and his friend Rahul were allegedly involved in killing Bhim Singh Nagar, who allegedly had an illicit relation with Ravi’s mother Kamlesh, in Sarita Vihar area Dec 24. The two were arrested Sunday.

Ravi is pursuing a BBA course and is a boxing coach at the Indira Gandhi Stadium while Rahul is a resident of Uttar Pradesh’s Bhagpat district.

Police said Nagar had an illicit relationship with Kamlesh who claimed to be his wife. Kamlesh also claimed to have two sons - Ravi and Lokesh - and a daughter out of this relationship.

Nagar was getting extortion calls after he received Rs.10 crore as compensation for his land before his murder.

“We started verifying movements of various persons associated with both Nagar and Kamlesh. It was noticed that Kamlesh’s elder son Ravi was missing since the murder,” said O.P. Mishra, deputy commissioner of police (Southeast).

“It also came to light that Ravi repeatedly got in touch with his mother after the incident. The absence of Ravi and his conduct aroused suspicion,” Mishra added.

Ravi told police that Nagar tried to evict them from properties. Since he was also humiliated publicaly several times by the deceased, he decided to kill him,” Mishra added.

On Dec 24, Ravi and Rahul hit Nagar with their motorcycle and when he fell down they shot him.

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