Make city safe for women, Delhi Police urged

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NEW DELHI - Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor Tejendra Khanna Wednesday asked the city police to take strong and prompt action against offenders to ensure that women in the capital feel safe.

Women in Delhi feel insecure in public places, which is not good for a capital as such, so Delhi Police should take a effective steps in this regard, Khanna said during Delhi Police’s 64th Raising Day parade here.

Although Delhi Police are effectively handling crime against women, still we read in newspapers that women feel safer in cities like Mumbai. Police in the national capital should continuously strive to improve the situation and try to make the city more safe and secure, Khanna said.

He also asked Delhi Police to have friendly relations with the public.

Police personnel should have friendly relations with the people so that they share information about suspicious activities in the city. A friendly relationship will also encourage the residents to approach the police unhesitatingly.

Khanna said Delhi, being the country’s capital, faces constant threats from the terrorists. He asked Delhi Police to upgrade themselves in latest technologies like bomb disposal, commando and intelligence training.

He lauded Delhi Police for making foolproof security arrangements for the Commonwealth Games in October 2010.

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