Pakistan Earthquake Rocks Nation

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN ( A strong earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 shook southwest Pakistan on Tuesday night, which left panic stricken people rush from their homes to the streets to save their lives. The massive earthquake occurred at around 1:23 a.m. and had a depth of 84 kilometers. United States Geological Survey officials reported that the earthquake was centered Dalbandin’s 45 kilometers west, 1,035 west-southwest of Islamabad and many other areas. The law enforcement officials reported that there were no such major injuries.

Pakistan Meteorological Department’s director Arif Mahmood told the media outlets that the Pakistan earthquake was also felt in Sindh, Punjab, other Balochistan provinces and also at some parts of India and Iran. Moreover, the director said that this massive earthquake will bring about many aftershocks to the people as well. Some mud-walled homes of Dalbandin, Kalat and Karan districts were damaged, owing to the earthquake but luckily, no one was hurt in that accident. Balochistan’s police chief, Malik Muhammad Iqbal said that he has not received any information of injuries.

Sultan Mehmood, Balochistan Police Inspector narrated the horrific incident by saying that all of a sudden he felt that the earth is shaking and then other books on the shelves also fell from the desks. The police inspector said that all the officers of the headquarters ran out of the building to save their lives. Though for the people of Pakistan the earthquake was a great shock but Kurt Frankel of the Georgia Institute of Technology said that it is somewhat common for a region like Pakistan to have earthquakes as it is the region where two tectonic plates come together. The rescue service officers said that they did not receive emergency calls and there were no reports of casualties as well.

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