Eight asphyxiated to death in Haryana

Monday, January 10, 2011

CHANDIGARH - Eight people were killed over the weekend due to suffocation caused by carbon monoxide gas in different parts of Haryana when they resorted to lighting angithi fire (coal fire) to keep themselves warm.

According to police, four Nepali nationals, who were working at a hotel in Tohana town, in Fatehabad district, were found dead in their room late Sunday.

“The victims used angithi (coal fire) to keep themselves warm. They were killed due to asphyxiation. They were working at the Blue Saphire hotel,” an official said.

They were identified as Naveen, 25, Naresh, 16, Lakshman, 16, and Harish, 28.

Two migrant workers, Hardeep and Sanjeev, were found dead Sunday morning due to asphyxiation in their room in Sirsa town.

“They were working at a dhaba (roadside eatery). They used an angithi to counter the freezing weather. When their room was opened, it was full of smoke,” police said.

Besides, two people, including a woman, were killed in Yamunanagar district Saturday due to asphyxiation.

The minimum temperature is fluctuating between 0 to 5 degrees Celsius in various towns of Haryana for the past one week. Met officials have predicted similar conditions to prevail for the next three-four days.

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