Vigilance panel’s anti-graft portal is a hit

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NEW DELHI - over 2,000 people have registered with the Central Vigilance Commission’s (CVC) new anti-corruption portal ‘VIGEYE’, which was launched early this month, and about 200 complaints have been acted upon, an official said Tuesday.

“We initiated the VIGEYE portal on the International Anti-Corruption Day Dec 9. Within less than a month of its introduction, it has received a good response,” a senior CVC official told IANS.

The initiative by the CVC enables the public to instantly report any corrupt practice by any government or public sector official.

The complainant just needs to download a mobile application software from the CVC website,, and can then start uploading audios or videos of corrupt practices. They will be taken up by the commission for enquiries.

Alternatively, one can register on the CVC website or SMS on 9223174440.

“With VIGEYE being user-friendly, many use this method to report corruption. Already 2,095 people have registered with VIGEYE. The number of complaints against corrupt officials is increasing every day, and we have taken action on 199 complaints,” the official said.

Citing a case, the official said they got a complaint from a passenger who was asked to give a bribe by a railway official, rather than a fine for not getting the platform ticket. After receiving the complaint, CVC authorities immediately tracked the railway official and warned him.

The official also said after the introduction of VIGEYE, reporting corruption has become easier and efficient for the common man.

“Earlier, we used to take at least three months to file complaint against alleged corrupt official but with the VIGEYE, it is easy to take quick action as we have evidence,” the official said.

Out of 199 complaints they have attended to, most were against officials of various public sector banks who did not sanction loans even after the necessary papers were provided by the applicants. Many of the accused demanded money to push the papers, the official added.

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