Volkswagen Beetle Accident Leaves 5 Dead
MIDLAND (GaeaTimes.com)- At least five people are known to have killed which includes three children when a Volkswagen Beetle collided with a truck at the city of Midland in Texas on Sunday afternoon.
Iowa Plane Crash Claims Life of 1 person
MILFORD, IOWA (GaeaTimes.com) -- A plane crash near Milford, Iowa has claimed the life of a businessman from Texas on Wednesday afternoon.
Coffee Shop In Houston Ravaged By Fire
HOUSTON (GaeaTimes.com)- A massive fire broke out in an antique shop in the Montrose area of Houston and quickly spread next door to a coffee shop.
Tornado In Texas Spells Mayhem!
TEXAS (GaeaTimes.com)- Tornadoes wrecked havoc in northern parts of Texas causing extensive damage to homes and transportation.

HOUSTON - Images like those from Hungary of homes surrounded by red mud and cars floating through toxic sludge from a nearby metals plant would be unlikely in the U.S., where only two states have similar facilities, according to industry officials and regulators.
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