KATHMANDU - A hunt is on in the southern plains of Nepal adjoining the Indian border as well as the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh for a 'tantrik' - regarded by traditional society as a man with supernatural powers - who abducted a seven-year-old girl.

KATHMANDU - Rights organisations in Nepal and abroad Thursday urged the new government of Nepal to bring to justice the army officers and soldiers responsible for the torture and killing of a 15-year-old school girl, whose case has now become a rallying point for victims of the 10-year armed insurrection.

KATHMANDU - Seven young men, who had been discharged from the Maoist party's guerrilla army after a UN verification said their recruitment was illegal, attacked an office of the world organisation in farwestern Nepal, injuring two guards, vandalising vehicles and smashing window panes, police said.

KATHMANDU - A 32-year-old man from western Nepal has been arrested for defrauding four banks in what he said was a bid to take revenge against Nepal's Maoist party for allegedly causing him to be sacked from the Indian Army.

KATHMANDU - A 74-year-old British tourist, identified as Peter James Sexton, has been arrested in Kathmandu on the suspicion of sexually abusing two street children after befriending them.
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