Seven arrested for defrauding bank, card-holders of lakhs

Friday, February 18, 2011

NEW DELHI - Seven people, including a HDFC Bank official, were arrested for fraudulently using other people’s credit cards and siphoning off lakhs of rupees, police said Friday.

Arvind Kumar, 26, Dara Anand, 35, and Sangeet Anand, 33, were arrested Feb 14 while Sube Singh, 23, Dharamvir, 28, Rajender Kumar, 31, and Vishnu, 26, were arrested Feb 10 for duping the Rajouri Garden branch of HDFC Bank in west Delhi.

Arvind and Dara would get the details of the real customers from Sangeet, who was an assistant manager at HDFC Bank, Naraina in west Delhi, who in turn got the details by entering random names in the bank’s database, a police official said.

Sangeet Anand would particularly search for those people who resided outside Delhi, especially in far-off southern states, added the official.

Then either Arvind or Dara would pose as a real customer and get the original address of the card changed and request the bank to send the card to a new address. Further, they would intercept the courier boys Singh, Dharamvir, Kumar and Vishnu midway and pay them Rs.10,000 per card.

Sangeet Anand disclosed that he provided eight credit cards of different HDFC customers living outside Delhi and also identified 65 other accounts which were inactive for past few months whose details he had obtained, the official further added.

According to police, they received a complaint from HDFC Bank, Rajouri Garden, in west Delhi in the first week of February that many of the credit cards issued by the bank were being misused by some unknown people and around Rs.9 lakh had been withdrawn against various cards.

On enquiry, it was realised that all the cards were supposed to be delivered at a particular area in Faridabad, Haryana, and that the original addresses were in far off places like Karnataka, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. The police also found that these cards were seldom used by their real users.

Sangeet Anand got 40 percent of the share while Arvind and Dara Anand kept 60 percent of the money withdrawn or defalcated against these cards.

The police recovered two laptops, a computer, seven mobile phones, fake identity cards and documents from the gang.

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