Man sued for calling out wrong name during sex

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WELLINGTON - A New Zealand man faces a legal suit for allegedly crying out another woman’s name while making love with his ex-partner.

The complainant told the court that the 30-year-old man, who is also the father of her children, called out another woman’s name while having sex after a Saturday night party last year, the New Zealand Herald reported Tuesday.

Describing their love-making session in the court, she said the man called out another woman’s name - “the one that was at the party” - and she got angry.

However, the woman’s testimony was contradictory to the one she told police in a video interview taped within days of the events.

Earlier, the complainant had told her relatives that the man raped and assaulted her. At police station, she made a tearful statement in a video in which she outlined rough, painful sex while she was crying and saying no.

Few days later, the complainant admitted that she had lied about the sex being non-consensual and the assaults.

“I was angry because he (the accused) had said that other girl’s name. I am the jealous type,” the women told the court when asked about the contradictory statements.

She also denied having talked to the man to get their versions of events straight. “I am telling youse (you) the truth.”

The accused has denied charges against him.

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