CVCs anti-graft portal proves a big hit

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NEW DELHI - Over 3,000 people have registered with the Central Vigilance Commission’s (CVC) anti-corruption portal “VIGEYE” (vigilance eye) launched two months ago. The portal has received a total of 203 complaints, an official said Wednesday.

We initiated the VIGEYE portal on the International Anti-Corruption Day Dec 9. Within two months it has received a good response, a senior CVC official told IANS.

The initiative enables the public to instantly report any corrupt practice by any government or public sector official.

The complainant only needs to download a mobile application software from the CVC website - - and can then start uploading audios or videos of corrupt practices. They will be taken up by the commission for enquiries, he said.

Alternatively, one can register on the CVC website or send SMS message on 9223174440.

VIGEYE is very user-friendly. Already 3,104 people have registered on it. The number of complaints against corrupt officials is increasing by the day. Till Saturday we had received 203 complaints, the official added.

According to a report on the project, the maximum number of complaints were against the Railways, followed by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), health, banking sector and Human Resource Development (HRD).

Citing a case, the official said they received a complaint from a train passenger who was asked for bribe by a railway official rather than a fine for not taking the platform ticket.

After receiving the complaint, CVC authorities immediately tracked the railway official and warned him.

There was another complainant from a man in a village in Alwar district of Rajasthan, who claimed that a bank there rejected his application for an education loan of Rs.50,000 for his wifes education.

The bank had announced that it was willing to give a loan of not less than Rs.7 to 8 lakh. The complaint was immediately forwarded to the chief vigilance officer for action and the citizens loan application was processed within 48 hours, said a senior CVC official, pleading anonymity.

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