We are broken over CBI closure: Aarushi’s parents

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NEW DELHI - As the CBI sought to close the murder case of Aarushi Talwar, the parents of the teenaged girl said they were “broken” by the move but would fight to the finish to bring justice to their daughter, who was found killed in her Noida home over two years ago.

“I had huge hopes on CBI. Now the killers walk free, not something I can bear…As Aarushi’s mother I am completely broken,” said Aarushi’s mother, Nupur Talwar.

“I am going to see what my options are. Everyday I promise Aarushi that I will get justice to her. I promise this every day when I talk to her,” she said. “That is the only purpose of my existence to get justice for my child”.

“I wont let this happen, I have to give her justice. I will fight to the finish, examine the closure report, find legal options. One thing is for sure I am not letting it go like this,” she said.

Her husband Rajesh Talwar too expressed disappointment and said they had been asking the CBI to conduct a highly-sensitive DNA test, termed Touch DNA, which could throw some light on the possible killers.

“I have been telling CBI to do a touch DNA test for the last one and half years…one can get to know who was there. This is a test they should do,” said Talwar.

He said he got to know about the CBI filing a closure report from a news channel.

“I was treating a patient when I got the news. After that, obviously, I could not work,” he said.

“We will talk to our lawyers on what we can do. I think everybody should support us, as if any person does such a thing and walks free, then it is not worth living in this country,” he said.

The CBI Wednesday sought to close Aarushi Talwar’s murder as an unsolved case, citing lack of evidence.

Aarushi, the daughter of dentist parents Rajesh and Nupur Talwar, was found murdered under mysterious circumstances in their Jalvayu Vihar apartment in Noida May 16, 2008. The family’s domestic help, Hemraj, whom Noida police initially suspected for the murder, was also found killed on the flat’s terrace a day later.

Rajesh Talwar was arrested and kept behind bars for 50 days in connection with the killings, but was later let off because of lack of evidence against him.

After Rajesh Talwar was let off, the CBI arrested his medical assistant Krishna and two other domestic helps in the neighbourhood, Raj Kumar and Vijay Mandal.

All of them were freed after a period of detention while the CBI continued to hunt for material evidence in the sensational case.

The CBI had last September reconstituted its Special Investigation Team (SIT) following reports that the vaginal swabs of the teenaged victim may have been substituted.

The investigating agency in January this year sought permission of a Ghaziabad court to conduct narco-analysis tests on Aarushi’s parents. They underwent the tests in an Ahmedabad forensic laboratory in February.

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