Warmer, wetter weather means farmers can plant some crops in regions once too cold and dry

Warmer, wetter weather has crops on the move

UN says floods in Pakistan have interrupted Afghan food aid, cutting aid to 1 million people

UN: Pakistan floods curb food aid to Afghanistan

Farmers struggle, states issue drought warnings as dry weather blankets East

Farmers struggle as dry weather blankets East

Weather delays Oregon wine grape harvest by 2 weeks to a month

Weather pushes back Oregon wine grape harvest

Mozambican food riots are reminder of vulnerability of world’s poorest nations

Mozambique riots spotlight world food price spike

Months of perfect weather in northern New England draws tourists _ but not free-spending ones

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In Pakistan, refugees sell their rations, stoking food versus cash debate for flood victims

Aid for sale in Pakistan as refugees want cash

AP IMPACT: Katrina recovery a tale of SBA delays, rejections, ‘things that were wrong’

AP IMPACT: Katrina a tale of SBA failure

CHALMETTE, La. — Five years after Hurricane Katrina, Jay Young is still haunted by the desperate voices on the other end of the telephone crying and begging for help.

AP INVESTIGATION: Katrina recovery a tale of SBA delays, rejections, ‘things that were wrong’

AP INVESTIGATION: Katrina a tale of SBA failure

Rescue teams send food and water to Chilean miners and brace them for a long wait for rescue

Supplies reach Chilean miners; now, the long wait

Southern farmers say disaster aid program tailored to Midwest needs fix to work elsewhere

Southern farmers say disaster aid plan failed them

Pumpkins in August? Warm spring, hot summer have many fruits, vegetables ahead of schedule

Heat brings early harvest in New England, Midwest

UN, aid workers warn of disaster as famine looms over West African nation of Niger

Aid workers warn of famine disaster in Niger

Ramadan or not, Pakistani flood victims say they’re already going without food

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With spill fading, Gulf seafood industry tries to shake off its oily image

Gulf seafood industry tries to shake an oily image

Rabies epidemic hits tourist haven of Bali; govt short on vaccines, kills 200,000 dogs

Rabid dogs roam holiday hotspot, kill at least 78

100 days of oil: For residents of the Gulf Coast, nothing is the same as it used to be

100 days of oil: Gulf life will never be the same

Gulf oil spill affects seafood restaurants nationwide; diners ask if their meal is safe

Diners grilling restaurants over seafood sourcing

Scientists say oil and natural gas from Gulf spill altering food web; lasting impact unknown

Scientists say Gulf spill altering food web

Sheep ranchers in West aim to ease public’s worries after guard dog attacks mountain biker

Attack creates worries in West about sheep dogs

Other seas for the fish: Gulf spill creates problems, but buyers look elsewhere

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Celebrity chefs: Stop worrying about Gulf of Mexico seafood and start buying it

Celebrity chefs tout seafood from untainted Gulf

No Gulf seafood means no po-boys, anything else at shuttered Louisiana cafe; others hurting

No Gulf seafood, no po-boys; owner shuts La. cafe

Oil spill puts the Gulf oyster industry on ice; prices are rising, supplies are dwindling

Oil spill puts the Gulf oyster industry on ice

Congressman’s BP ’shakedown’ remark resonates with conservatives wanting small government

US President Barack Obama

Jumbo problems for shrimp could loom for shrimp amid Gulf oil spill; wholesale prices climb

President Barack Obama

Obama predicts better times coming for Gulf, tours coast ahead of TV speech, meeting with BP

President Barack Obama
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Gulf oil spill increases the price and demand for shrimp from outside oil-slickened waters

Gulf oil spill upping price for domestic shrimp

Trained noses expected to sniff out oil-tainted seafood, but vast Gulf catch hard to monitor

Trained noses to sniff out Gulf seafood for oil

‘Dine out for the Gulf Coast’ initiative aims to serve fishing industry hit by oil spill

Fundraiser puts Gulf seafood on the menu

BERKELEY, Calif. — BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) — Eat a shrimp, support a Gulf of Mexico fisherman. That’s the thinking behind the “Dine Out for the Gulf Coast” campaign in which restaurants across the country will be putting a little fish philanthropy on the menu.

Despite cold snap, Florida tomato growers end season with unexpected surplus, falling prices

Fla. tomato farmers have surplus despite cold snap

In impoverished Niger, food crisis looms as starving cattle unable to stand wait for death

Dying cattle, costly grains fuel Niger food crisis

In impoverished Niger and other arid African countries, food crisis looms as cattle starve

Millions face hunger in arid belt of Africa

BP pauses effort to stop Gulf oil leak, says it is monitoring unprecedented top kill attempt

President Barack Obama

BP labors to kill oil leak; scientists say it eclipses Exxon Valdez as biggest US spill ever

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

BP hopes mud will stop Gulf oil; Obama set to extend stop on new offshore wells, cancel some

President  Barack Obam

Scientists: Gulf well leaking at least twice as much and possibly 5 times as much as estimate

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Anxious Gulf Coast awaits word on whether latest BP remedy to plug oil gusher works