Youngest victim of New Zealand quake laid to rest

Monday, February 28, 2011

CHRISTCHURCH - Five-month-old Baxtor Gowland who was named the youngest victim of the Christchurch earthquake was laid to rest Monday, a media report said.

Gowland was born Sep 17 last year, the New Zealand Herald reported.

Last week, he was named as the youngest confirmed victim of the 6.3 strength quake that hit this New Zealand city Feb 22. Nearly 150 have died in the quake.

More than 200 family members and friends gathered at Academy Funeral Services in upper Riccarton Monday afternoon to commemorate Baxtor’s short life.

At the funeral, Baxtor’s great aunt thanked the emergency services and those at the hospital.

Thank you for coming, your support is really appreciated,” she said.

A police officer was forced to leave the ceremony after being moved to tears, while another female police officer was seen comforting a male officer.

After the ceremony, Baxtor’s casket was taken from the church and lowered into a hearse.

Mourners gathered around the hearse hugging and crying before it left for Baxtor’s burial.

Baxtor’s family is asking for donations to the Mothers and Babies Service at Princess Margaret Hospital in lieu of flowers.

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