We are innocent, will fight for justice, says Aarushi’s mother

Thursday, February 10, 2011

NEW DELHI - A day after a special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court ordered the Talwar couple’s trial for the murder of their teenaged daughter Aarushi, her mother Nupur Thursday said they were innocent and their fight for justice will go on till they find their daughter’s killers.

The fight for justice will go on. Me and my family, all of us are there for Aarushi and we are going to take this fight for justice forward, Nupur Talwar said in an interview to the CNN-IBN news channel.

She asserted that she will fight the case out for her daughter.

“When Aarushi was there with us, I would have done anything for her in this world. We would have taken every action and I’ll still do that.”

The court also ordered that the couple would also be prosecuted for destruction of evidence. The next hearing in the case would be Feb 28.

Speaking about the court order, Nupur said: “The court order has been a huge shock and a huge setback for us in the sense that Aarushi’s culprits still roam free.”

She said it is “frustrating” and blamed the CBI for overlooking various facts.

“There are facts that the CBI has deliberately overlooked and brushed under the carpet. This is why we had asked for an investigation. I am just hoping now that the courts see this and give us a better order.

With her husband Rajesh sitting next to her, Nupur said it was horrible to hear both of them have been named in the murder of Aarushi and Hemraj and proclaimed the couple’s innocence.

“It is horrible to hear such a thing. I mean, to hear that Rajesh was involved was a shock, now to have put myself in the situation is even worse… it is a shame that an organisation like CBI, where you have supposedly very good officers, this is the kind of conclusion they have reached. But I am sure some day the justice will prevail and that is the truth,” she said.

Asked what could be the motive behind this murder, Talwar said she does not know. “I don’t know. We still have to get to the culprits of Aarushi. The day they get them, you’ll come to know the motive. The CBI had one job to do and they have not been able to do it.”

Nupur also said she did not understand why the CBI has come to the conclusion that the couple were the murderers.

“I cannot answer that. They have not got the right case. They have not reached the right conclusion. They have failed in their case. You get the right killers, you will get all the answers.”

Aarushi, 14, was found murdered under mysterious circumstances in her parents’ Jalvayu Vihar apartment in Noida May 16, 2008. Their domestic help Hemraj was initially suspected for the killing, but his body was found on the flat’s terrace a day later.

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