British govt grants Chevron first new deepwater drilling permit since Gulf of Mexico spill

Chevron gets permission to drill off UK coast

Interior Department sets new rules for offshore drilling, a step toward lifting deepwater ban

Interior Dept. sets new offshore drilling rules

Nigeria: French oil giant Total warns proposed oil bill will hurt foreign investment

Nigeria: Total warns oil bill will hurt industry

Gulf oil spill also released natural gases, which may have boosted oil-eating microbes

Natural gas may have jump-started oil eating bugs

Washington cracks down on abandoned Gulf wells; BP’s well could be pronounced dead within days

Washington cracks down on abandoned Gulf wells

EPA tells Enbridge it must plug leaking oil pipeline outside Chicago by noon on Monday

EPA orders Enbridge to stop Ill. pipeline spill

Alaska sues to lift suspension of Arctic offshore drilling, cites lack of consultation

US President Barack Obama welcomes Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

Calif, feds announce deal to clean up site of 1959 nuclear accident, rocket testing

Deal to clean up LA-area nuclear accident site

Anxiety in the Gulf: Latest fire leaves oil industry wondering when it can get back to work

What now for Gulf? Fire complicates drill debate

Royal Dutch Shell issues production warning in Nigeria after sabotage on pipelines

Shell issues production warning in Nigeria

Some researchers warn Gulf of Mexico oil spill may be a bigger mess than the government claims

Groups warn oil spill may be worse than claimed

Tale of two Gulfs: Topside looks better, but at depths scientists grow more worried about oil

Gulf surface cleaner, but questions lurk far below

Nigeria: Royal Dutch Shell warns oil pipeline sabotage increasing despite amnesty deal

Nigeria: Shell says pipeline sabotage increasing

Calls to lift US ban on deep-sea drilling gaining momentum with BP’s well nearly plugged

With BP spill under control, US looks at drill ban

Texas sues Interior Department over second, ‘unjustified’ offshore drilling moratorium

Texas sues feds over offshore drilling ban

Russian fires threaten to stir and spread radioactive particles left from Chernobyl disaster

Russian fires threaten to stir Chernobyl radiation

Along Gulf Coast, oil well’s plugging brings relief but fear of abandonment, too

Well plugging brings relief but abandonment fears

Along Gulf coast, capping of spill brings relief but fear of abandonment, too

Well capping brings relief but fear of abandonment

Smog from wildfires raging in western Russia engulfs capital, officials warn of health risks

Putin shows Olympic judo team
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Opponents call for US-style moratorium on deepwater wells after Gulf of Mexico disaster

US President Barack Obama

House approves offshore drilling bill, but Senate dispute could delay final action until fall

House approves oil spill bill; stalled in Senate

House approves bill to crack down on offshore drilling, remove liability cap in oil spills

House approves bill on drilling, oil spills

House takes up bill to crack down on offshore drilling, remove liability cap

House takes up oil spill legislation

WASHINGTON — The House debated a bill Friday to boost safety standards for offshore drilling, remove a federal cap on economic liability for oil spills, and impose new fees on oil and gas taken from federal lands.

Partisan disagreements, summer recess delays oil spill legislation until at least September

Partisan bickering delays oil spill legislation

Gulf spill lacks transformational punch of 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill

The White House

Calif. firefighters gain on worst of destructive wildfires, homes still threatened

Calif. firefighters gain on worst wildfire

100 days of oil: For residents of the Gulf Coast, nothing is the same as it used to be

100 days of oil: Gulf life will never be the same

Reid unveils pared-down energy and oil bill following collapse of climate legislation

Reid unveils pared-down energy and oil bill

Subcontractor in deadly Pittsburgh-area well blast paid OSHA fines in 2 other well fires

Subcontractor in deadly Pa. well blast had fines

2 workers killed in oil tank explosion near Pittsburgh-area gas well that burns for hours

2 killed in explosion near Pittsburgh-area well

Police: 2 killed in natural gas well explosion near Pittsburgh, fire burns for hours

2 killed in gas well explosion near Pittsburgh

Police: 2 killed in natural gas well explosion in western Pennsylvania

2 killed in gas well explosion in western Pa.

Senate Democrats focus on Gulf oil spill response after giving up on comprehensive energy bill

Senate Democrats turn focus to Gulf spill response

Senate Democrats give up on comprehensive energy bill, focus on Gulf oil spill response

States Senator John Kerry
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Oil prices rise as tropical depression heads toward Gulf of Mexico; rising stocks boost crude

Oil prices rise on stormy forecast for Gulf

Major oil companies pool $1 billion for new rapid response system for spills; BP excluded

Big Oil plans rapid response to future spills

EPA takes new look at natural gas drilling, water issues key to nation’s energy future

EPA takes new look at gas drilling, water issues

Kempthorne, Norton tell Congress major oil spill in Gulf beyond what anyone expected

Bush Interior chiefs: No one expected major spill

Head of US nuclear regulatory agency hears from critics who want Vermont plant shuttered

Foes tell nuclear regulator to shutter Vt. plant

Utah regulators cite Chevron for pipeline leak that spilled crude oil in Salt Lake City creek

Chevron cited for oil spill in Salt Lake City

Scientists say oil and natural gas from Gulf spill altering food web; lasting impact unknown

Scientists say Gulf spill altering food web

Gov’t hopes new offshore drilling moratorium can survive legal challenge

Gov’t hopes new drilling moratorium can survive

New offshore oil moratorium not focused on depth, but government says a pause is still needed

New offshore oil moratorium not focused on depth

AP Interview: New offshore drilling chief says he may rile industry, environmental groups

AP Interview: New drilling chief promises balance

ALL BUSINESS: BP goes from ideal to despised corporate citizen in wake of oil spill

ALL BUSINESS: Once lauded, BP no corporate citizen

Heat island effect: Cities heat quickly, cool slowly, so nights don’t bring much relief

Heat islands: Cities heat quickly, cool slowly

Texas governor forms group to improve technology, safety in energy industry after oil spill

Texas group will look at oil, natural gas drilling

Tesoro, shipper, settle with Alaska over 2006 grounding of tanker in Cook Inlet

Companies settle with Alaska over grounded tanker

Senate panels requires strong oil spill response plans, removes limits on liability

Senate panels advance oil spill bill

WASHINGTON — Congress began advancing legislation Wednesday that imposes new safeguards on offshore oil drilling in hopes of preventing a repeat of the devastating spill that has brought environmental and economic havoc to the Gulf coast.

Obama pushes senators to find common ground to pass energy legislation