BRUSSELS - The European Union Friday said it would provide flood-stricken Sri Lanka with a $2.7-million humanitarian aid package.

BRUSSELS - Pirates early Saturday seized the MV Thor Nexus general cargo ship in the Indian Ocean with its crew of 27 Thai nationals, the European Union's Atalanta mission reported.

BRUSSELS - Making it clear that India will attend the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for dissident Chinese Liu Xiaobo in Oslo despite a request from Beijing to stay away, New Delhi Thursday said the issue was not related to the bilateral relations between the two countries.

BRUSSELS - Japan declared an end Tuesday to a dispute with China over a high-seas collision last month and the two countries agreed to resume exchanges and projects that had been stopped because of the incident.

BRUSSELS - The European Union declared Thursday it will temporarily waive World Trade Organization tariffs on key Pakistani imports to help boost the flood-devastated country's economy.
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