Fire strikes at ruling party headquarters in Nigeria, only months before presidential election

Nigeria: Fire strikes ruling party headquarters

Gulf oil spill, record high temperatures fail to sway votes on energy legislation

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Partisan disagreements, summer recess delays oil spill legislation until at least September

Partisan bickering delays oil spill legislation

GOP’s Kirk on defensive after discrepancy in childhood story prompts new honesty questions

US President Barack Obama welcomes Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

Senate Democrats focus on Gulf oil spill response after giving up on comprehensive energy bill

Senate Democrats turn focus to Gulf spill response

Senate Democrats give up on comprehensive energy bill, focus on Gulf oil spill response

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Nevada GOP candidate calls BP’s $20 billion compensation program a ’slush fund’

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Dems look for best way to exploit Barton’s apology to BP for their own political gain

President Barack Obama

In TV ad, Dems say GOP would rather apologize to BP than hold company accountable for spill

The White House

Obama’s chief of staff says Republicans defending BP would be in control if GOP wins in Nov.

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He said what? Bipartisan outrage erupts after GOP lawmaker apologizes to British oil executive

GOP lawmaker apologizes for apologizing to BP exec

Biden: GOP criticism of BP compensation fund ‘insensitive,’ ‘out of touch’ and ‘outrageous’

Biden calls GOP criticism of BP fund ‘outrageous’

GOP chairman accuses Obama of exploiting Gulf spill, says president unable to lead in crisis