IRA dissidents’ car bomb in N.Ireland city of Londonderry damages businesses, injures nobody

IRA dissident car bomb hits Londonderry businesses

Suit claims Farmers Group hasn’t paid policyholders for Station Fire damages in Calif.

Suit: Farmers hasn’t paid Calif. wildfire claims

Heavy storm damage causes homeowners insurance to jump 9.7 percent in Ohio

Homeowners insurance jumps 9.7 percent in Ohio

Some oil spill events from Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Some oil spill events from Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cash-paid deckhands, other laborers hurt by oil spill may lack documentation for BP claims

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

Travel deals from Gulf spill spread across the Southeast on fears of oil’s trail

Travel deals from Gulf spill spread wider than oil

Two big jobs: Spill recovery chief to split time as Navy boss, puzzling some environmentalists

US President Barack Obama

Gulf residents grow frustrated over delays, red tape in getting paid by BP for lost wages

Gulf residents angry about BP and claims process

FEMA offering sharply discounted insurance rates for 2 years under flood remapping push

FEMA offers insurance rate cuts under remapping

Safety net programs, physician fees attached to tax extenders bill

Tax bill grows to include safety net programs

Terror on a budget: Times Square car bomb plot could have cost as little as $7,000

Times Square plot may have cost as little as $7K

Freddie Mac to offer mortgage help to homeowners in 4 states hit by recent flooding

Freddie Mac offers help to flooded out homeowners

It’s too late for trips threatened by Iceland volcano, but insurance can cover such events

Injured? Sick? Volcano? The ABCs of trip insurance

Congressional wrangling over benefits programs hits thousands needing flood insurance

U.S. President Barack Obama joins Martha Coakley
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Leaders say private investment is the key to Haiti’s reconstruction

Bill Clinton

NYC’s St. Vincent’s Hospital fights for life _ like other ‘charity’ hospitals across America

NYC’s St. Vincent’s Hospital fights for life

Learning lessons from ‘09 flood, more North Dakota and Minnesota residents buy insurance

Lesson learned: More buy flood insurance after ‘09

House votes to allow faster tax breaks for donors to Chile quake victims; bill goes to Senate

House votes for faster tax breaks for Chile gifts

UK crackdown on dangerous dogs could make insurance, microchips mandatory for all

Mandatory insurance proposed for UK dogs

LONDON — A chip for Spot? In a country where guns are tightly controlled and even carrying a kitchen knife can bring prison time, some thugs use dogs to menace their victims. Now the British government is proposing that dog owners be forced to get microchips and take out insurance for their pets.

A chip for spot: British dog owners could be forced to microchip and insure their pets

Britain could force owners to microchip their dogs

Recovery prospects dim for Haiti’s rickety electrical utility

Recovery prospects dim for Haiti electric utility

Pilot who crashed plane into IRS office in Austin is hailed as a hero by some on the fringe

Protesters rally outside the White House

Man who crashed plane into Austin IRS building part of decades-long line of tax protesters

Attack on IRS part of long line of tax protesters

Factors considered when setting auto insurance rates

Factors influencing auto insurance rates

Insurance companies and industry groups are saying the recall of more than 8 million Toyota cars and trucks shouldn’t have an impact on insurance rates. The price of auto insurance is determined by many factors, and isn’t limited to just the model you drive, the cost to fix it and its overall safety record.

Car insurance rates shouldn’t be affected by Toyota recall and ongoing industry woes

Insurance rates not accelerated by Toyota recall

Only 1 cent of every US quake aid dollar goes in cash to disorganized Haitian government

Haiti govt gets only 1 cent of every US aid dollar

Senate sends bill to Obama allowing faster tax breaks for donors to Haiti quake victims