IRA dissidents’ car bomb in N.Ireland city of Londonderry damages businesses, injures nobody

IRA dissident car bomb hits Londonderry businesses

Car bomb blast damages businesses in Londonderry, Northern Ireland; no injuries

Car bomb damages businesses in Northern Ireland

British raise terror risk posed by IRA dissidents, say attack in England a strong possibility

UK says IRA dissident attack in England likely

Britain raises terror threat from Irish militants, says attack is a strong possibility

UK raises terror alert due to Irish dissidents

UK spy chief warns of changing threat from al-Qaida, new fear over dissident Irish Republicans

UK spy chief warns of dissident Republican threat

Sinn Fein chief says he met Catholic priest involved in 1972 bombing, didn’t discuss it

Sinn Fein chief met priest involved in ‘72 bombing

Suspected IRA dissident arrested in Northern Ireland over August bomb that wounded 3 children

Arrest in NIreland blast that wounded 3 children

Troubled Peace: Northern Ireland frets over upsurge in violence

Attacks raise concerns in Northern Ireland

Report: Gov’t, Catholic church covered up suspected role of priest in 1972 NIreland attack

Report: Cover-up in 1972 NIreland bombing

BELFAST, Northern Ireland — The British government and the Roman Catholic church colluded to cover up the suspected involvement of a priest in a 1972 bombing that killed nine people and injured 30, a new report said Tuesday.

3 children suffer minor injuries in Northern Ireland bomb blast

3 children injured by Northern Ireland bomb

Sinn Fein says British, Irish governments are trying to talk peace terms with IRA dissidents

Sinn Fein: British, Irish talk with IRA dissidents

IRA dissidents force cabbie to drive bomb to Londonderry police base; no one wounded in blast

Dissident IRA car bomb targets Ulster police base

82 police injured in Northern Ireland’s 2 nights of Catholic riots; politicians plead for calm

82 police injured in Belfast’s 2 nights of riots

Belfast police, masked Catholic rioters clash as Protestants’ day of marching ends in violence

Belfast police, Catholic rioters clash over parade

Protestants march across Northern Ireland after sectarian riots leave 27 officers injured

Protestants rally after Belfast sectarian riots

Northern Ireland police arrest ETA suspect in Belfast; Spain says he’s involved in 4 car bombs

Basque militant wanted in Spain arrested in Ulster

Northern Ireland village evacuated as IRA dissidents leave bomb in van outside police base

NIreland village evacuated over bomb found in van

Report blames British soldiers fully for Bloody Sunday; victims’ families cry tears of joy

Bloody Sunday report blames British soldiers fully

Police arrest 7 IRA dissidents following wave of bomb attacks in Northern Ireland

Police arrest 7 IRA dissidents over Ulster attacks

Police arrest 5 IRA dissidents following wave of bomb attacks in Northern Ireland

Police arrest 5 IRA dissidents over Ulster attacks

Britain closing Scottish, Northern Irish airspace Wednesday as Iceland’s volcanic ash returns

Britain closing Scottish, Northern Irish airspace

Ireland to reopen airports as threat of volcanic ash fades but ’summer of uncertainty’ looms

‘Summer of uncertainty’ looms for Irish aviation

Northern Ireland police arrest 2 suspected IRA dissidents over pipe bombs

Northern Ireland police arrest 2 over pipe bombs

Drifting ash from Iceland’s volcano causes major air traffic disruptions at British airports

Ash from Iceland’s volcano disrupts UK air traffic

British Army dismantles car bomb outside police base in Northern Ireland border town

British Army dismantles car bomb in NIreland town

N.Ireland lawmakers pick justice minister in power-sharing landmark, condemn bombing of spy HQ

NIreland picks justice minister in peace landmark

Dissident IRA bomb rattles British spy HQ in Northern Ireland hours before power-sharing vote

Bomb rattles British spy HQ in Northern Ireland

Storms batter Scotland, Northern Ireland, with snow during the spring season

Storms batter Scotland, Northern Ireland

LONDON — Several days after the start of spring, Scotland and Northern Ireland were battered by snow, gale force winds and torrential rain on Wednesday, leaving thousands of people without power and causing havoc on roads.

Northern Ireland police chief says IRA dissidents gave too little warning of car-bomb strike