Baby dies after monkey, possibly attracted by female pet, snatches it from Malaysian home

Baby dies after monkey snatches it from M’sia home

Anti-whaling activists trade claims over sinking of protest boat in Japanese whaler collision

Sea Shepherd, whaling protester in NZ public spat

7 elephants killed by speeding train; environment minister calls on railway authorities to act

7 elephants killed in India by speeding train

Speeding freight train hits herd of elephants, killing 7 in dense forest in eastern India

Speeding train kills 7 elephants in eastern India

Well’s official death marks milestone, as Gulf assesses harm and looks ahead

The well is dead, but Gulf challenges live on

AP ENTERPRISE: News monitor, anti-Palin group among those landing US Gulf spill contracts

Sarah Palin

Mother of Ohio bear attack victim writes governor in support of statewide exotic pet ban

Mother of Ohio man killed by bear favors pet ban

Fatal bear attack highlights Ohio’s lax laws on exotic pets and high number of fatal attacks

Bear attack highlights lax Ohio exotic pet laws

AP Exclusive: Activists’ video shows SC hounds repeatedly running at chained, declawed bear

Group wants to end setting dogs on chained bears

Family of 24-year-old Ohio man killed by captive bear takes some comfort in animal’s death

Bear who mauled caretaker is put to death in Ohio

Grizzly in maulings that killed Michigan man was in poor condition, had parasites

Grizzly in maulings was stressed, had parasites

Archaeologists working on American Indian reservation in Mont. uncover ancient bison kill site

Ancient bison kill site uncovered in Montana

Crews wait for cement to dry in final steps to seal blown-out oil well in Gulf of Mexico

Crews wait for cement to dry in Gulf oil well

As efforts ramp up to plug leaking oil, BP retains option of sealing or selling

To seal or sell? BP has options on remaining oil

AP Enterprise: Survey of scientists reveals faith that Gulf can rebound from BP oil spill

AP Enterprise: Scientists think Gulf can recover

Cubs of grizzly that killed 1, injured 2 near Yellowstone Park are settling into Montana zoo

Killer grizzly’s cubs settling into Montana zoo

Crews hope attempt to seal off oil at bottom of Gulf will do the final trick

On Gulf, crews hope kill attempt will do the trick

Grizzly in Montana attacks was underweight, but still no clear answer why she mauled 3 campers

Grizzly in triple mauling was light, not starving

Opponents call for US-style moratorium on deepwater wells after Gulf of Mexico disaster

US President Barack Obama

4th bear captured after deadly attack at Montana campground; DNA tests will show involvement

4th bear caught after deadly MT campground attack

Woman who survived bear attack in Mont. says she played dead to get the animal to leave her

Survivor of Mont. bear attack says she played dead

Bear attack kills 1 person, injures 2 others at campground near Yellowstone National Park

1 dead, 2 injured in bear attack at MT campground

Rare Sumatran tiger kills a cocoa farmer in Indonesia’s Aceh province where shrink

Rare Sumatran tiger kills an Indonesian farmer

How Gary White Dear of Ada, Okla., found himself on the Emerald Isle

An Indian finds himself on the Emerald Isle

Coast Guard, BP test giant oil skimmer, hope it can scoop millions of gallons of tainted water

Giant oil skimmer being tested in Gulf of Mexico

Study will look at oil spill’s effects on whales, other endangered species in the Gulf

Study will look at oil spill’s effect on whales

World’s biggest fish, threatened whale sharks, spotted swimming in heavy oil in Gulf of Mexico

Threatened whale sharks seen in Gulf oil spill

Police in NYC suburb warn parents to keep children indoors after 2 coyote attacks on kids

Coyote attacks keep children indoors in NYC suburb

Wildlife officers still trying to find bear that attacked hiker in Red River Gorge

Black bear that attacked hiker still at large

Bear on the loose despite traps set after hiker survives first recorded attack in Kentucky

Bear in first recorded Ky. attack still at large

Man survives Ky.’s 1st known bear attack as other hikers help; officials search for animal

Man survives Ky.’s 1st recorded bear attack

Authorities search for missing airplane carrying 2 men, 2 reporters from Montana newspaper

Plane missing with 2 Montana reporters on board

US knocks on Asian shrimpers’ doors after oil spill; supplies low, prices climb

US raps on Asian shrimpers’ doors after oil spill

Alaska geologist mauled twice by grizzly survived by playing dead

Alaska geologist survives 2 attacks by grizzly

Nations can’t agree on how to curb whale hunts; Japan blames anti-whaling nations

Nations fail to agree on curbing Japan whale hunt

3 Javan rhino deaths adds to the urgency of saving the animals from extinction

Officials scramble to save endangered Javan rhinos

Compromise to end 25-year ban on whale hunting meets rough weather at 88-nation gathering

Nations divided over lifting ban on whale hunt

Tests being conducted after dead sperm whale found 77 miles south of massive Gulf oil spill

Dead whale found south of Gulf oil spill site

Fish and other wildlife flee oil, congregate near shore; scientists say new dangers await them

Sea creatures flee oil spill, gather near shore

Some oil spill events from Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Barack Obama (Waxwork)

AP IMPACT: BP’s error-prone spill response plans overstate preparedness, understate dangers

AP IMPACT: BP spill response plans severely flawed

Containment cap on spewing Gulf oil well is closely watched, as spill’s toll on wildlife grows

Gulf containment cap closely watched in 2nd day

Nightmare becomes reality along Gulf Coast as oil reaches beaches, marshes and claims wildlife

President Barack Obama

Zimbabwe lion kills SAfrican volunteer at animal sanctuary; lion shot and killed in attack

Zimbabwe: Lion kills volunteer at animal sanctuary

Scientists warn of an unseen disaster in the Gulf as oil plumes stretch through the depths

Scientists warn of unseen deepwater oil disaster

As oil washes through mysterious depths, scientists warn of unseen calamity

Deepwater mystery: Oil loose in the Gulf

NEW ORLEANS — Streaming video of oil pouring from the seafloor and images of dead, crude-soaked birds serve as visual bookends to the natural calamity unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sea otter that survived 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill dies at Seattle aquarium

Sea otter that survived ‘89 spill dies in Seattle

Decision to halt Arctic Ocean drilling panned by Alaska leaders, praised by enviro groups