Flood-hit Pakistan says it needs West’s trade, not just aid, to recover and to stop militants

Pakistanis push trade, not just aid, after floods

Govt report says deepwater drilling moratorium hasn’t increased unemployment in Gulf region

U.S. President Barack Obama

Feds find minimal impacts on jobs, oil production from Gulf deepwater drilling moratorium

President Barack Obama

Obama spurned in charm campaign for business; executives still skeptical of his policies

US President Barack Obama
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Natural gas prices fall as government downgrades expectations for hurricane season

Natural gas drops on revised hurricane outlook

Fed’s economic forecast paints weaker picture of growth and employment for rest of year

Fed paints weaker picture of growth and employment

Senate Democrats propose fivefold increase in tax on offshore oil

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

War funding bill passes Senate with bipartisan support


Tax cuts and expanded benefits for the unemployed are at heart of bill pushed by Democrats

Bill aims to expand benefits for the unemployed

House, Senate leaders agree on bill to extend unemployment benefits, popular tax breaks

President Barack Obama, daughter Sasha Obama and wife

Fed’s new economic forecast paints brighter picture of growth and employment for rest of year

Federal Reserve sees slightly better 2010 economy

Obama mocks Republican opposition; Fiorina gives $1.1 million to Senate primary

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Rhode Island, battered by economy and now water, watches with rest of East as rivers rise

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

STIMULUS WATCH: $5 billion stimulus weatherizing program led to fewer jobs than expected

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Retail sales expected to slip in February, reflecting winter storms

Ahead of the Bell: Retail Sales

WASHINGTON — Retail sales probably slipped slightly in February reflecting weakness in demand for autos and the severe winter storms that hit much of the country.

Snow job: Economists’ estimates that snow would cost 100K or more jobs miss mark

Snow job: Estimates of weather’s impact miss mark

Unemployment rate unchanged at 9.7 percent as employers cut fewer jobs than expected

US President Barack Obama welcomes Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

It’s a snow job: Unemployment report, distorted by storms, likely to be hard to interpret

Snow expected to cloud February employment report

February jobs report likely to be weak, even excluding effect of snowstorms

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Fed Beige Book survey: Economy grows though snowstorms crimp activity along the East Coast

Fed: Economy grows, but snowstorms hurt some areas

A look at economic developments and activity in major stock markets around the world

A look at global economic developments

A look at economic developments and activity in major stock markets around the world Wednesday:

Fed survey: Economy grows even as snowstorms crimp activity in some parts of the country

Economy grows, but snowstorms bite into some areas

German January retail sales steady versus December; 3.4 percent lower y-o-y

German January retail sales steady versus December

Rising jobless claims raise concerns that unemployment will slow recovery

Rising jobless claims reflect weakening recovery

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