Hurricane Karl kills 2 in landslide, remnants drench mountains of central Mexico

Hurricane Karl kills 2, remnants drench Mexico

Report: Toyota settles lawsuit with relatives of 4 killed in Calif. crash that spurred recalls

Toyota settles suit over high-profile Calif. crash

Karl kills 2 in landslide, weakens to tropical depression moving inland to central Mexico

Karl kills 2 in Mexico, now a tropical depression

Authorities: 2 tornadoes, microburst struck NYC on 14-mile path during fast-moving storm

Authorities: 2 tornadoes struck NYC during storm

Weakened Earl packs less force than feared, hits Mass. with rain, wind before aiming at Canada

Weakened Earl packs less force than feared

The nation’s weather

The nation’s weather

A strong storm in the Pacific was forecast to bring a lot of rain to the Pacific Northwest on Saturday, particularly in Washington and Oregon.