Fireworks for Hanoi’s birthday bash explode, 4 killed and 3 injured

Fireworks explode in Vietnam, killing 4

HANOI, Vietnam — Fireworks intended for Hanoi’s upcoming 1000th birthday celebration exploded prematurely Wednesday, killing four people and injuring three others, police said.

1st Guantanamo detainee civilian trial begins with jury selection blocks from ground zero

Bin Laden evidence readied at detainee trial in NY

Chavez says Venezuela should ask US to extradite man convicted in bombings

Chavez: Man seeking US asylum should be extradited

Pakistan police to charge 3 men for assisting in failed Times Square bombing

Pakistan to charge 3 over failed Times Square bomb

China calls in Japanese ambassador over boat collision off disputed islands in East China Sea

China calls in Japan envoy over boat collision

Dolphins herded into ‘The Cove’ in Japanese town, but most set free

Dolphins caught, not killed, in Japan cove

Afghan president issues decree formalizing 4-month deadline to dissolve private security firms

U.S. President Barack Obama
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Colombian ‘miracle’ plane crash survivor: Everything seemed fine, then ‘boom’

130 survive ‘miracle’ plane crash in Colombia

‘Miracle’ as Colombia jetliner crashes in thunderstorm: Woman dies, but 130 survive

‘Miracle’ in Colombia crash: Woman dies, 130 live

‘Miracle’ as Colombia jetliner crashes: 1 dies, but 130 survive

‘Miracle’ in Colombia jet crash: 1 dies, 130 live

Man charged with harboring Ugandans once said part of al-Qaida plot to blow up US Embassy

Kenyan accused of harboring Uganda terror suspects

Remains of 4 American medical workers killed in Afghanistan headed home

Bodies of 4 American medical workers headed home

In former Taliban stronghold, US military wins friends with rescue missions amid floods

Asif Ali Zardari
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Russia’s PM Putin climbs into firefighting plane, drops water on blazing forests

Putin shows Olympic judo team
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Radical Indonesian cleric Abu Bakar Bashir arrested over al-Qaida-linked cell’s terror plots

Radical Indonesian cleric arrested in terror plot

Chinese author to publish book critical of premier despite police threats

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Over 800 dead in Pakistani floods as rescuers struggle to reach the marooned, disease looms

Death toll in Pakistani floods surges past 800

July the deadliest month of Afghan war for US forces as 3 new deaths bring American toll to 63

Barack Obama

2 US citizens among 152 people killed in plane crash in Pakistan

2 US citizens killed in plane crash in Pakistan

Clinton urges Scottish review of decision to release Lockerbie bomber on humanitarian grounds

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan
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British national killed in attack on private security convoy in northern Iraq, embassy says

Embassy: British national killed in northern Iraq

Teen dubbed ‘Barefoot Bandit’ arrives in Miami to face charges in 2-year crime spree

Alleged ‘Barefoot Bandit’ returns to the US

Teen dubbed ‘Barefoot Bandit’ pleads guilty to minor charge in Bahamas; will be deported to US

Quick guilty plea in ‘Barefoot’ case in Bahamas

New threat in East Africa: Al-Qaida-allied Somali militants claim twin bombings in Uganda

U.S. President Barack Obama
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Al-Qaida-allied Somali militant group claims twin bombings in Uganda; death toll at 74

US President Barack Obama

South Korean inquiry into bloody hidden history ends; US military escapes much blame

lee myungbak

Teenage ‘barefoot bandit’ suspected to be on the run in Bahamas after plane’s crash-landing

Authorities target ‘barefoot bandit’ in Bahamas

Teenage ‘barefoot burglar’ targeted by authorities in Bahamas after plane’s crash-landing

Authorities target ‘barefoot burglar’ in Bahamas

Officials say plane stolen from Indiana, crashed in Bahamas fits pattern of ‘Barefoot Bandit’

Stolen plane fits elusive ‘Barefoot Bandit’ mold

VP urges fast and peaceful government transition as suicide bombers hit 2 Iraqi cities

Blasts mar Biden’s call for new gov’t, unity

Helicopter crashes in Malaysian jungle on Borneo island; US pilot killed, co-pilot injured

Helicopter crashes in Malaysia; US pilot killed

Kenyan churches blame gov’t for explosions at rally; police comb park as death toll rises to 6

Kenyan churches blame gov’t for blasts at rally

Philippine bus accident kills 21 people, mostly Iranian students and doctors

Philippine bus crash kills 21, mostly Iranians

Suriname’s US Embassy bans staff from using local Blue Wing Airlines due to safety concerns

US bans Suriname staff from using local airline

US: 5 American troops die in blast in eastern Afghanistan

US: 5 US troops die in eastern Afghan blast

AP Interview: Iranian ambassador says no deal on release of US hikers held in Tehran

Iranian ambassador: No deal on US hikers

BAGHDAD — The Iranian ambassador in Baghdad said the recent release of two Iranians from Iraqi custody is not an indication of any impending deal to free three Americans held by Tehran on spying charges.

US Embassy in Pakistan warns of terror link to catering firm; link to NY bomb plot suspected

US warns of terror link to Pakistan catering firm

Embassy: 3 British nationals were on plane that crashed in Afghanistan

3 British citizens on Afghan plane that crashed

State Department: 1 US citizen on Afghan passenger plane that crashes with 44 aboard

1 American on Afghan plane that crashed

SALANG PASS, Afghanistan — The U.S. State Department says one American was on a passenger plane that crashed in northern Afghanistan with 44 people on board.

Afghan passenger plane crashes with 44 on board near Salang Pass north of Kabul

Afghan passenger plane crashes with 44 on board

US Embassy offers to evacuate families of staff in Bangkok; urges citizens to stay away

US Embassy offers evacuation of families of staff

Chile police find more traces of explosive in terrorism probe of Pakistani, seek others

Chile police seek associates of embassy detainee

Acquaintances in Chile describe Pakistani detainee as calm, gentle; police raid friend’s home

Chile cops raid house of Embassy detainee’s friend

Dutch boy who survived Libyan plane crash greets relatives who rushed from Holland with smile

Boy who survived Libyan crash smiles at relatives

Hopeful family members arrive at hospital to see Dutch boy who survived Libyan plane crash

Hopeful family members visit Libya crash survivor

Indonesian police kill 5 militants suspects, including 2 linked to bombings

Indonesian police kill 5 militant suspects

Chilean police: Pakistani man detained in US Embassy while carrying traces of explosive

Chilean police detain Pakistani in US Embassy

APNewsBreak: US reconsidering pace of Iraq troop pullout amid political instability