Plan to ship nuke generators on Great Lakes stirs fears about leaks, despite safety assurances

Great Lakes nuke shipment plan stirs accident fear

6 injured in explosion, fire still burning at Tennessee plant that makes military flares

6 hurt in explosion at Tenn. plant making flares

Sheriff: Fire still burning at Tenn. flare plant where 6 were hurt in explosion

Sheriff: Fire at Tenn. flare plant still burning

6 hurt, 3 critically, in explosion at southwest Tenn. plant that makes military flares

6 injured in explosion at Tenn. flare plant

AP ENTERPRISE: News monitor, anti-Palin group among those landing US Gulf spill contracts

Sarah Palin

Small businesses still recovering from devastating spring and summer floods in Tennessee, Iowa

Small businesses learn hard lessons from floods

Rig’s owner says BP failing to share data needed to determine cause of Gulf oil spill

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

Alaska Sen. Stevens called Internet ’series of tubes,’ but was ‘Uncle Ted’ to constituents

Senator delivered billions for Alaska’s future

Former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens found dead in plane wreckage in remote part of home state

Former Alaska Sen. Stevens dies in plane crash

Plane crashes in Alaska, kills former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan
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Plane crashes in Alaska, killing 5; Ex-Sen. Stevens, former NASA chief believed to be on board

5 dead in Alaska plane crash; Ex-senator aboard

Official: military rescuers have arrived at the scene of southwest Alaska plane crash

Rescuers arrive to help Alaska plane crash victims

Selling the rings: Olympic dash for cash leads to a few eyebrow-raising sponsorship deals

Olympic committees striking some unusual deals

Dudley’s path followed unusual turns from Mississippi childhood to become CEO of BP

Dudley’s path followed unusual turns to CEO of BP

Tiny Ala. town cleaned up like no other with $8.5M from BP, but payday sowed seeds of distrust

Seeds of distrust in Ala. town’s big cleanup haul

Senators look for smoking gun linking BP oil deal, release of Lockerbie bomber

Senators look for smoking gun in BP-Lockerbie link

Oil execs slam Obama’s 6-month deepsea drilling moratorium, say world needs new oil supplies

The White House

Oil execs slam Obama’s 6-month deepsea drilling ban as BP stock sinks to 13-year low

Big Oil strikes back, slams Obama’s drilling ban

Libya’s National Oil Corp supports BP, says spill in Gulf of Mexico has been exaggerated

US President Barack Obama welcomes Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

Oil execs in London slam Obama’s 6-month drilling ban, say world needs oil from deepsea rigs

Barack Obama (Waxwork)

Chile president gives corporations key roles in quake response, raising conflicts of interest

Chile pres. faces conflicts in quake recovery plan

Masters of disaster: Foreign firms set up shop in Haiti and wait for construction boom


Agent: USOC’s BP connections could leave Olympic rings ’soaked in oil’

USOC’s BP connections concern Olympic athletes

North Korea makes new threats against South as Clinton arrives for crisis talks

NKorea threatens to ban border traffic

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea threatened Wednesday to block all cross-border traffic and blow up any South Korean loudspeakers blasting propaganda northward after a six-year hiatus, as tensions soared over the sinking of a South Korean warship.

North Korea makes new threats against South; Clinton calls sinking ‘unacceptable provocation’

NKorea threatens to ban cross-border traffic

Chafing at SKorea’s punishment for ship sinking, NKorea severs all ties, raises war rhetoric

NKorea cuts ties with South, raises war rhetoric

Haiti state-run telecom’s distant Internet savior is run by Vietnam’s military

Bill Clinton

NKorea severs all ties with SKorea, as South launches psychological warfare over ship sinking

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SKorea launches psychological warfare over ship sinking; NKorea says its troops brace for war


SKorea resumes psychological warfare with Pyongyang over deadly warship sinking

US President Barack Obama

NKorea says it will sever all ties with South, expel South Koreans working in border town

South Korean President Lee

US military drawdown deep in Haiti after easing stress, flood threat in camps

US military draws down deeply in Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Six Haitian children cling to Lt. Ben Stollerman’s hands, sleeves and fatigue pants as the U.S. Navy engineer negotiates one of Haiti’s biggest camps for earthquake refugees.

Oilsicles anyone? Corks, pillows, freezing suggested as homespun remedies for Gulf oil spill

Corks, pillows suggested as remedies for oil spill

AP’s 2009 net slumps, revenue falls nearly 10 pct as it faces longest slump since Depression

Associated Press profit and revenue slide in 2009

Volcano ash cloud has US and other military jet fighters still grounded in Europe

Ash cloud has jet fighters grounded in Europe

The next stage of Australia’s resources boom has arrived: Gas

Gas the next fuel to fire Australia’s boom

Doctors warn of health threats from wreckage and rotting debris left by Chile quake, tsunami

Doctors warn of health threat from Chile wreckage

Chile begins vaccinations, emphasizes health threats a week after deadly quake

Foreign hospitals help quake-damaged health system

Senior Democrat says Pentagon should consider barring Blackwater from $1B deal

Senator warns against $1B deal with Blackwater

Haiti doctors say man improving after reportedly trapped in quake rubble for 27 days

Haiti mystery patient recovering: Stable, eating

Doctor at Haiti field hospital says vendor may have been trapped in quake rubble for 27 days

Doctor says vendor may have been in rubble 27 days