Salvage contractor: BP interfered with effort to close device meant to stop oil gusher

Contractor: BP interfered with critical efforts

Iran says delay in starting first nuclear power plant is result of leak, not computer worm

Iran: Nuclear delay due to leak, not computer worm

Iran says ’small leak’ and not computer worm behind delay in activating nuclear power plant

Iran: Leak, not computer worm, behind plant delay

AP Interview: Maine detainee says NYC car bomber went from partying student to terrorist

AP Interview: Maine man says NY bomber was partyer

Pentagon scrambles to assess damage done by massive leak of classified battlefield reports

President Barack Obama
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BP is encouraged by early results from cap on Gulf well; no sign of underground leak

The White House
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Underwater robots can work at depths humans can’t, making them crucial to Gulf spill cleanup

Army of undersea robots at work on Gulf oil spill

Cap back after nudge from robot mile under sea foils Gulf oil containment system for day

Cap back after robot nudge stalls oil collection

Nudge from robot mile undersea foils oil containment system for day; dozen of subs operating

Robot nudge foils Gulf oil collection for a day

Oil again spewing in Gulf after undersea robot bumps cap that had been containing some

Oil spews again in Gulf after robot bumps cap

BP stock tumbles as feds announce oil-spill probes; work on new attempt to stop gusher begins

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

Robot submarines swarm blown-out Gulf well, preparing for next bid to contain oil

BP engineers prepare for next bid to stop oil flow

After another failure, BP scrambles a new plan to keep oil from flowing into Gulf of Mexico

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BP turns to next attempt to stop gushing oil in Gulf of Mexico after top kill fails

Protesters rally outside the White House

At congressman’s insistence, live feed of Gulf oil spill now available online

Live feed of Gulf oil spill now available online

Spacewalk hit by brief power outage as astronauts install antenna, NASA says no danger

Spacewalk hit by brief power outage, no danger

AP IMPACT: Inspections of oil rig fall short of feds’ own policy, result in few violations

President Barack Obama hosts a press conference
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Huge oil plumes discovered underwater in Gulf as BP struggles with latest fix

Huge oil plumes found under Gulf as BP struggles

Still reeling from deadly tornadoes, Okla. braces for more storms forecast for Plains, Midwest

Okla. braces for more storms days after twisters

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in London to view subway system CCTV network

NYC’s Bloomberg in London to view transit CCTV

Technological advances allowed forecasters to warn of Plains tornadoes days in advance