Natural gas prices rise as traders watch for storm threat to Gulf of Mexico production

Natural gas up on storm threat to production

Tropical storm threat enhanced by strengthening of La Nina climate phenomenon

Strengthening La Nina could mean more hurricanes

Old Farmer’s Almanac: Expect colder winter in the East; South to see wet summer

Old Farmer’s Almanac: Global cooling to continue

Summer of 2010 set to go down in record books as the hottest ever across the Northeast

Numbers confirm it: Summer was a scorcher

ALBANY, N.Y. — New numbers confirm what the sweaty brows of Northeasterners have been saying for months: The summer of 2010 was a record-breaking scorcher.

Health Ministry: Cholera epidemic in Nigeria, which has killed 352, threatens entire country

Nigeria: Cholera epidemic death toll rises to 352

Oil rises above $74 in Asia amid risks to Gulf of Mexico production in the hurricane season

Oil rises above $74 in Asia amid hurricane risks

World experiences second hottest July on record, hottest first 7 months of year

Trend continues with second hottest July on record

Natural gas prices fall as government downgrades expectations for hurricane season

Natural gas drops on revised hurricane outlook

US government expect above-normal activity heading into peak of Atlantic hurricane season

Forecasters say peak of storm season will be busy

US government set to update its storm forecast for the rest of the Atlantic hurricane season

Forecasters to update Atlantic hurricane outlook

Tropical Storm Colin degenerates into low in the Atlantic, could reform in the next few days

Tropical Storm Colin now a low in the Atlantic

Crews prepare for ‘beginning of the end’ to Gulf spill with well-plugging attempt

Gulf crews prepare to start plugging well for good

Some oil spill events from Sunday, July 25, 2010

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

Ships getting back in place at oil well, ready to work again after Bonnie’s remnants breeze by

Work to plug leaky well back on track after storm

Crews hurrying to fix leaky well facing ‘cat-and-mouse’ with weather after Bonnie breezes by

Crews fixing well in ‘cat-and-mouse’ with weather

Crews hurry to plug well after Bonnie breezes by, hope for clear weather to finish final fix

Crews hurry to plug well after Bonnie breezes by

Evacuation called off, ships return to leaky oil well as tropical rainstorm weakens over Gulf

Ships head back to oil spill as storm breezes by

Dengue epidemic threatens Caribbean as number of infections and deaths increase

Dengue epidemic threatens Caribbean, kills dozens

Climate forecasters say La Nina conditions are developing, could mean more hurricanes

La Nina developing, could mean more hurricanes

Scientist studying Indonesia’s last glacier says it will disappear in years, not decades

Indonesia’s last glacier will melt within years

‘A slow-moving hurricane’ _ relentless oil spill’s mental toll weighs on Katrina-weary coast

Oil spill’s psychological toll quietly mounts

Tropical Depression Alex not aiming at Gulf spill area for now, but change could come rapidly

Alex not aiming at Gulf oil spill area _ for now

Tropical storm Alex not aiming at Gulf spill area for now, but change could come rapidly

Alex not aiming at Gulf oil spill area _ for now

Tropical weather could put BP’s oil containment system out of commission for a week or more

Tropical weather is new reason to worry in Gulf

Forecasters: Tropical storm forms Alex in Caribbean; not on track for oiled Gulf

Tropical storm Alex not on track for Gulf

MIAMI — The first tropical storm of the Atlantic 2010 hurricane season has formed in the Western Caribbean, but it’s not on track to pass over the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Hurricane Darby still Category 3 storm in the Pacific; Celia continues to weaken

Hurricane Darby still major storm; Celia weaker

China says death toll in southern flooding rises to 132 amid continuous heavy rain

Flooding deaths rise to 132 in southern China

UN aid official frustrated with slow progress in providing shelter in devastated Haiti

UN aid official frustrated with Haiti progress

2010 Atlantic hurricane season begins, bringing new concerns to oil spill in Gulf of Mexico

2010 Atlantic hurricane season officially begins

Many in danger as battered Haiti’s heads into hurricane season

No shelter from the storm for Haiti quake victims

After failed fix, dead ahead for nation and ocean: A dispiriting summer of oil and anger

Summer of oil looms for beleaguered Gulf Coast

Experts on hurricane season eve: Oil could compound storms’ damage, further expose the coast

Oil complicates forecasts on hurricane season eve

After another failure, BP scrambles a new plan to keep oil from flowing into Gulf of Mexico

Barack Obama
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After another failure, BP scrambles a new plan to plug well spewing oil into Gulf of Mexico

The White House

US scientists predict busy Atlantic storm season that may bring up to 7 major hurricanes

US predicts up to 7 major Atlantic hurricanes

Federal scientists set to release forecast for Atlantic hurricane season that starts June 1

NOAA to make 2010 hurricane season forecast

Actor Sean Penn tells Congress about Haiti relief efforts, need for supplies in hospitals

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Mexico worries seasonal shift in currents could bring Gulf oil spill to Mexican shores

Current change may bring Gulf oil spill to Mexico

Official says torrential rains, flooding kill 70 in southern China

Floods kill 70 in southern China

BEIJING — Torrential rains caused by the El Nino weather phenomenon have swept across parts of southern China, toppling homes, destroying crops and killing at least 70 people, state media reported Tuesday. More flooding was expected.

Weakening El Nino conditions could complicate forecasting hurricane season

El Nino weakening as hurricane season nears

Good camp, bad camp: Success and shortfalls in the $12.7 billion of aid for Haiti

Good camp, bad camp: The shortfalls of Haiti aid

First lady Michelle Obama, Jill Biden pay surprise visit to survivors of Haiti earthquake

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First Haitian families moved to new camps as rains loom and aid groups criticize government

Haitians relocated to new camps as rains loom

Brief rain shower leaves half-foot of standing water in dangerous Haiti quake camps

Rain dumps lakes of water into Haiti quake camps

In rubble from Haiti’s quake, planners see valuable material for capital’s reconstruction

Haiti to use quake rubble in capital’s rebuilding

UN weather agency says El Nino good news for Haiti hurricane risk

UN says El Nino good news for Haiti hurricane risk

Late dust storm blots out the sun in Nigeria, raising questions about changing climates

Late dust storm covers Nigeria

LAGOS, Nigeria — The yellow haze descended across Nigeria, blotting out the sun, canceling airline flights and coating everything with a fine layer of dust.

Scientists fear larger volcanic eruption in Iceland could bring global consequences

Iceland’s eruptions could have global consequences

Government warns of spring flooding in Midwest, South, East after wet winter

Widespread spring flooding forecast

WASHINGTON — With truckloads of sandbags rolling into cities like Fargo, N.D. and Moorhead, Minn., the government confirmed residents’ fears Tuesday, forecasting major flooding in the Midwest following a wetter than normal winter.

2 months after Haiti quake, still no shelter for legions of quake survivors as rains approach

2 months after Haiti quake, housing still elusive