Sri Lanka’s government-appointed commission to probe civil war begins public sittings

Sri Lankan war commission begins public sitting

Taliban blamed for sharp rise in Afghan civilian deaths, injuries

Taliban blamed for sharp rise in Afghan casualties

Afghans say 52 civilians die in NATO attack; alliance disputes report

Afghans: 52 die in NATO attack; alliance disputes

Former SS sergeant Adolf Storms, 90, dies amid war crimes investigation

90-year-old Nazi suspect Adolf Storms dies

UN expert says drone strikes may be war crimes, but CIA unlikely to stop or alter program

UN criticism not likely to stop CIA drone strikes

Serbia police detain 9 ex-paramilitaries accused of war crimes in Kosovo

Serbian police detain 9 over alleged war crimes

Rights group: Israel failed to show it will conduct impartial Gaza war crimes probe

Rights group faults Israel’s Gaza war crimes probe

UN chief says Israel investigating ‘every allegation’ against its Gaza actions

UN chief says Israel probing ‘every’ Gaza charge

Human Rights Watch disputes Hamas claims it did not target Israeli civilians during Gaza war

Human rights group: Hamas targeted civilians

Hamas document defends group’s actions during the Gaza war, says did not target civilians

Hamas internal document defends war actions