With drilling ban about to end, oil industry has yet to adopt the lessons of the BP spill

Oil industry has yet to adopt lessons of BP spill

Blown-out BP oil well at bottom of Gulf declared dead 5 months after disaster began

Blown-out BP well finally killed at bottom of Gulf

Spill investigation panel member: No conclusions until after blowout preventer analyzed

Panel member: Blowout preventer may hold key

AP Enterprise: BP, US government bound by spill response; how do feds investigate partner?

President Barack Obama hosts a press conference

Rig’s owner says BP failing to share data needed to determine cause of Gulf oil spill

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

Officials mull options for BP’s broken well, putting final kill back at least a week

Final kill of BP’s well at least a week away

Federal government: Work to drill relief well to plug blown-out Gulf well must go forward

Federal government: Relief well must go forward

Reaction to the death of former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens in a plane crash


Feds say BP suspending drilling on last 30 feet of relief well until Gulf storm passes

Feds: Storms delay drilling for final BP well plug

Allen says BP resumes drilling relief well just 100 feet away from capped blown-out Gulf well

BP resumes drilling Gulf relief well as final plug

Obama declares promise to end combat role in Iraq is coming ‘as promised and on schedule’

US President Barack Obama

Oil spill chief: Work to pump mud into Gulf gusher from above could be accelerated

Key step to kill Gulf gusher may happen sooner

Crews hurrying to fix leaky well facing ‘cat-and-mouse’ with weather after Bonnie breezes by

Crews fixing well in ‘cat-and-mouse’ with weather

Crews hurry to plug well after Bonnie breezes by, hope for clear weather to finish final fix

Crews hurry to plug well after Bonnie breezes by

BP poised to abandon vigil over leaky oil well as tropical storm’s leftovers target spill site

Storm could take away sights and sounds of BP well

Oil spill chief: Well to remain capped if ships evacuate Gulf because of tropical storm

BP’s leaky well to remain capped during storm

BP may pump mud, cement through cap into leaking well, would help ultimate fix of plugging oil

Mud may be pumped in well cap to help contain oil

Some oil spill events from Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some oil spill events from Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Feds: Oil, gas leaking from cap on BP’s ruptured oil well, but not yet major concern

Feds: Oil, gas leaking from cap on ruptured well

Obama spill chief says cap on ruptured BP oil well leaking, but not yet a major concern

Feds: Cap on ruptured BP’s oil well leaking

Federal government authorizes BP to keep cap on busted oil well for another 24 hours

Feds let BP keep oil cap closed for another day

Feds: Test still on, but results from cap on Gulf well not as good as hoped

President Barack Obama

Oil spill volunteers can’t do cleanup work but National Seashore provides another way to help

Oil spill volunteers looking for way to help

Report blames British soldiers fully for Bloody Sunday; victims’ families cry tears of joy

Bloody Sunday report blames British soldiers fully

BP CEO: company should know in next 12 to 24 hours whether new effort to contain oil works

President Barack Obama

BP cuts pipe with giant shears, plans to lower cap over Gulf oil gusher

President Barack Obama

US sergeant retired his rodeo spurs a decade ago, but bomb blasts have rocked him plenty since

US soldier is a veteran of war and rodeo

FORWARD OPERATING BASE FRONTENAC, Afghanistan — Paul D. Bliss has, in his words, “pretty much destroyed my knees, dislocated my right and left shoulders, busted my left arm, fractured my right arm, been kicked in the face here,” — he motions to a scar — “right above my right eye: 28 stitches from that. Busted my nose four or five times. Bruised my back a few times. I’ve also dislocated both my ankles.”

Military tensions rise as South Korea holds anti-submarine drills, North scraps sea accord

South Korean President Lee
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Military tensions spike as South Korea holds anti-submarine drills, North scraps sea accords


Military tensions spike as South Korea holds anti-submarine drills, North scraps sea accord


Forget ‘National Incident Commander’ Thad Allen: Experts say Obama needs a czar for oil spill

Wishing upon a czar: Experts want oil-spill chief

North Korea makes new threats against South; Clinton calls sinking ‘unacceptable provocation’

NKorea threatens to ban cross-border traffic

Western troops march on Red Square for Victory Day, Medvedev hails international cooperation