3 killed in explosion at apartment building in Bangkok suburb; bomb strongly suspected

3 killed in explosion at Thai apartment building

2 explosions rock southern Afghan city of Kandahar, killing 8 and wounding many others

2 explosions rock southern Afghan city, killing 8

3 killed in explosion in Bangkok suburb, bomb strongly suspected

3 killed in explosion in Bangkok suburb

BANGKOK — A blast blew out the side of a residential building in a Bangkok suburb Tuesday killing three people and injuring nine, emergency workers said, in what police said may have been a bombing.

IRA dissidents’ car bomb in N.Ireland city of Londonderry damages businesses, injures nobody

IRA dissident car bomb hits Londonderry businesses

Optimism grows in Chile as drills advance and capsule is prepared for October miner rescue

Chileans optimistic for early October miner rescue

Pakistan friends group pledges millions more in flood aid, but demand leadership

Nations pledge more in Pakistan flood aid

UNITED NATIONS — Nations and groups supporting Pakistan’s democratic advances promised Sunday to give the country millions of dollars more in flood aid, but some insisted that Pakistan itself must lead the way on recovery and account publicly for all funds.

Taliban tap Pakistan flood misery to enlist 50,000 men

LONDON - Taliban guerrillas are taking advantage of the large-scale misery caused by the devastating floods in Pakistan by attempting to enlist 50,000 new fighters — in return for food and medicine.

Crews on Gulf of Mexico begin attempt to plug oil well by pumping mud into it

Crews begin effort to plug leaking Gulf oil well

Testing begins in preparation for attempt to plug blown-out Gulf oil well

Testing begins for attempt to plug Gulf oil well

Crews hope attempt to seal off oil at bottom of Gulf will mark a turning point

On Gulf, a turning point nears in spill efforts

Crews hope to finish testing soon on attempt that could kill Gulf spill for good

Gulf crews hope to wrap up kill-attempt tests

Militants kill 5 Iraqi soldiers at Baghdad checkpoint, plant al-Qaida flag

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30 killed in Karachi after MQM lawmaker’s killing

ISLAMABAD - The murder of MQM leader Raza Haider, a member of the Sindh provincial assembly, in Pakistan’s financial hub Karachi, sparked riots that left 30 people dead and nearly five dozen wounded.

Crews hope attempt to seal off oil at bottom of Gulf will do the final trick

On Gulf, crews hope kill attempt will do the trick

As plugging attempt nears, BP now says role of expensive relief wells unclear

BP: Upcoming kill attempt might do the trick alone

Afghans say 52 civilians die in NATO attack; alliance disputes report

Afghans: 52 die in NATO attack; alliance disputes

Twin parked car bombs targeting Shiite pilgrims kill 25 in Iraqi holy city of Karbala

Twin car bombs kill 25 in Iraqi city of Karbala

Karzai reaffirms goal of having Afghan security forces take lead by 2014

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Unexploded suicide vest found at disco in Uganda, 4 ‘foreigners’ arrested, officials say

Unexploded bomb vest found in Uganda; 4 arrested

Teen dubbed ‘Barefoot Bandit’ pleads guilty to minor charge in Bahamas; will be deported to US

Quick guilty plea in ‘Barefoot’ case in Bahamas

New, tighter BP cap set for gradual tests of how well it can hold gushing Gulf oil at well

New BP cap set for slow tests of how it holds oil

Remote device was used in Allahabad blast: Police

LUCKNOW - A remote device was used to carry out the bomb blast in Allahabad that killed one man and severely injured five, including Uttar Pradesh Institutional Finance (Stamps and Registration) Minister Nand Gopal Gupta alias Nandi, police said here Tuesday.

North Korean military abruptly cancels planned talks with American-led UN Command

NKorea abruptly cancels military talks with UN

New threat in East Africa: Al-Qaida-allied Somali militants claim twin bombings in Uganda