Conn. pool company head chooses judge instead of jury for manslaughter trial in child’s death

Conn. judge to decide case in child’s pool death

Conn. woman mauled in chimp attack evaluated for face, hand transplant

Chimp attack victim evaluated for transplant

Conn. woman mauled in chimpanzee attack moved from Cleveland Clinic to Boston area

Chimp attack victim discharged from Ohio hospital

Conn. Senate OKs police workers’ comp for stress from using deadly force against mammals

Conn. Senate OKs cop workers’ comp in animal cases

Conn. officer who shot rampaging chimp that mauled woman tells lawmakers he was traumatized

Conn. officer who shot chimp testifies of trauma

Officer who shot rampaging chimp prepares to address Conn. lawmakers about his trauma

Officer who shot chimp to address Conn. lawmakers

Conn. city paid medical bills for police officer who shot rampaging chimp, records show

Conn. city paid bills for cop who shot chimp

Conn. officer who shot rampaging chimp is denied workers’ comp claim for post-traumatic stress

Stress claim denied for Conn. cop who shot chimp

Mall operators close stores, delay openings as storm pelts the Northeast

Malls cut hours, close during winter storm