Violence erupts in east Jerusalem after deadly shooting of Palestinian, clouding peace efforts

Violence in east Jerusalem clouds peace efforts

Bombing in China’s restive Xinjiang region kills 7; exile group says police were targeted

Bombing in restive west China kills 7, wounds 14

Bomb attack kills 7, wounds 14 in China’s far western Xinjiang region, government says

Blast kills 7, wounds 14 in restive far west China

Chinese official says suspected bomb attack kills 7, wounds 14 in Xinjiang region

Blast kills 7, wounds 14 in China’s Xinjiang area

US sees significant increase in Greek terrorism; militant groups spawned by 2008 riots

US sees spike in Greek terrorism

ATHENS, Greece — Domestic terrorism increased “significantly” in Greece last year following riots in Dec. 2008 sparked by the fatal police shooting of a teenager, the U.S. State Department says in an annual report on terrorism.

82 police injured in Northern Ireland’s 2 nights of Catholic riots; politicians plead for calm

82 police injured in Belfast’s 2 nights of riots

Belfast police, masked Catholic rioters clash as Protestants’ day of marching ends in violence

Belfast police, Catholic rioters clash over parade

Protestants march across Northern Ireland after sectarian riots leave 27 officers injured

Protestants rally after Belfast sectarian riots

Iraqi riot police turn water cannons on protesters as anger spreads over power outages

Anger spreads over power shortages in Iraq

Iraqi riot police turn water hoses on crowd in latest protest over power outages

Iraqis protest power outages in oil-rich south

Chinese court orders suspended death sentence for Tibetan linked to 2008 Lhasa riots

Tibetan gets suspended death sentence for riots

Bangkok burns after Thai army storms protest zone, Red Shirt leaders arrested; 12 killed

Bangkok burns after Thai protest leaders arrested

Troops fire on rioting protesters, explosions thunder in central Bangkok; 5 die in new clashes

Thai troops fire at rioting protesters in capital

Search for 24 missing Russian miners can’t resume for at least a week

Search for 24 Russian miners can’t resume for week

3 dead in Greek bank fire during Athens riots as tens of thousands protest spending cuts

3 dead in fire at Greek bank during Athens riots

Greek authorities charge 6 over far-left domestic terror group that fired rocket at US embassy

6 charged with left-wing terrorism in Greece

Protesters clash with police in Athens demonstration during Greek general strike

Greece hit by strikes over austerity plan

ATHENS, Greece — Savage street clashes erupted between rioting youths and police in central Athens Thursday as more than 30,000 people demonstrated during a nationwide strike against the cash-strapped government’s austerity measures.

Trial of 2 Greek policemen over teenager’s fatal shooting reopens in provincial court house

Greece: 2 policemen on trial for teen’s killing