Panel: White House blocked scientists release of worst-case spill numbers after BP disaster

Panel: Gov’t blocked scientists on spill estimate

Panel: White House blocked public release of worst-case spill numbers

Panel: Gov’t thwarted worst-case scenario on spill

Once an academic backwater, Gulf of Mexico becomes a font of research dollars after BP spill

Gold rush on the Gulf: Researchers clamor for cash

Well’s official death marks milestone, as Gulf assesses harm and looks ahead

The well is dead, but Gulf challenges live on

Washington cracks down on abandoned Gulf wells; BP’s well could be pronounced dead within days

Washington cracks down on abandoned Gulf wells

Oil no longer on surface, but scientists dig into the dirt of Gulf floor and strike black gold

Where’s the oil? On the Gulf floor, scientists say

Tropical storm threat enhanced by strengthening of La Nina climate phenomenon

Strengthening La Nina could mean more hurricanes

AP Exclusive: Mariner opposed proposed federal safety rule, which still has not been adopted

AP Exclusive: Mariner opposed federal safety rule

Anxiety in the Gulf: Latest fire leaves oil industry wondering when it can get back to work

What now for Gulf? Fire complicates drill debate

Worker for rig owner in Gulf oil spill tells investigators key equipment wasn’t recertified

Key device in Gulf spill didn’t get recertified

Scientists’ long-range forecast: Much more of the same: A century of heat, fires, floods

Long, hot summer of fire, floods fits predictions

Scientists’ long-range forecast: More, much more of the same; a century of heat, fires, floods

Long hot summer of fire and floods fit predictions

Final plug closer for BP’s blown oil well after crews pump cement deep under Gulf of Mexico

Final plug nears after crews cement oil well’s top

Crews wait for cement to dry in final steps to seal blown-out oil well in Gulf of Mexico

Crews wait for cement to dry in Gulf oil well

Crude still coats marshes and wetlands along Gulf, complicating cleanup efforts

Crude still coats marshes and wetlands along Gulf

US government expect above-normal activity heading into peak of Atlantic hurricane season

Forecasters say peak of storm season will be busy

Official: No evidence of oil from massive Gulf spill on sea floor

Official: No evidence of oil on Gulf sea floor

BP says mud pumped into well in Gulf is holding down the oil; feds say most of oil is gone

U.S. President Barack Obama joins Martha Coakley
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New offshore drilling chief says ban on deepwater drilling may be lifted early

President Barack Obama

Diverse life in Oil-plagued Gulf of Mexico was already threatened, new study reports

Gulf diversity threatened even before oil spill

Gulf spill lacks transformational punch of 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill

The White House

Oil from Gulf spill is no longer collecting on the surface, but where is it?

Gulf flow has stopped, but where’s the oil?

Evacuation called off, ships return to leaky oil well as tropical rainstorm weakens over Gulf

Ships head back to oil spill as storm breezes by

Obama launches new national policy to strengthen management of oceans

Obama launches policy to protect oceans

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Monday announced a new national policy for strengthening the way the U.S. manages its oceans and coasts, and the Great Lakes.

Climate forecasters say La Nina conditions are developing, could mean more hurricanes

La Nina developing, could mean more hurricanes

Far from Gulf disaster’s glare, Nigeria’s chronic oil spills are its 50-year nightmare

Gulf spill a familiar story in oil-soaked Nigeria

Industry, government spend little on oil spill clean-up technology

Little spent on oil spill cleanup technology

No pocket protectors here: Scientists are new media celebrities as they explain Gulf oil spill

Scientists become celebrities in oil spill story

Iowa river museum displays aquarium containing no life as comment on Gulf oil spill

Iowa museum aquarium exhibit highlights oil spill

Nations can’t agree on how to curb whale hunts; Japan blames anti-whaling nations

Nations fail to agree on curbing Japan whale hunt

US, Indonesia combine for high-tech adventure to one of earth’s last frontiers: The deep sea

US, Indonesia explore uncharted deep sea

WASHINGTON — A deep-sea expedition by the United States and Indonesia sets off this week to explore one of the world’s last frontiers, an adventure that researchers hope could lead to cures for diseases and help in predicting deadly tsunamis.

Methane in Gulf spill adds new dimension to catastrophe, raises unknown risks to ecosystem

Vast amounts of methane in Gulf spill pose threat

BP says new system to trap oil gushing from a well in Gulf should be complete by mid-July

BP refines plans for capturing leaking Gulf oil

Centennial of birth of Jacques Cousteau, pioneer marine explorer, marked by ship restoration

Cousteau’s spirit to live on in centennial events

Study: South Pacific coral islands hold size or grow despite sea-level rise over past 60 years

Study: Coral atolls hold on despite sea-level rise

After failed fix, dead ahead for nation and ocean: A dispiriting summer of oil and anger

Summer of oil looms for beleaguered Gulf Coast

Decision to halt Arctic Ocean drilling panned by Alaska leaders, praised by enviro groups