Canada geese that forced plane’s Hudson River landing still flying near NY airport runways

Geese behind plane’s NY river landing still around

62 brown pelicans rehabbed after Gulf of Mexico oil spill released at wildlife refuge in Texas

Pelicans rehabbed from oil spill released in Texas

Worries rise at Louisiana wildlife refuge with discovery of dead brown pelican matted with oil

Worries rise at Louisiana refuge as pelican dies

Flights to offshore wildlife refuge in La. halted; officials say media frightening birds

Flights to offshore wildlife refuge in La. halted

Barrier islands wildlife refuge off La. coast closed as oil advances

La. wildlife refuge closed as oil advances

After Obama’s visit, other administration officials to survey cleanup of Gulf oil spill

Obama officials travel to survey Gulf oil spill

Coast Guard: Pipeline spills 18,000 gallons of crude in wildlife refuge south of New Orleans

About 18,000 gallons of crude spill in La. refuge