Uganda World Cup bombing arrests shows wide circle of conspiracy: 36 suspects from 7 countries

Uganda World Cup blasts: 36 suspects, 7 countries

SAfrica prosecution: Nigeria ex-militant leader involved in deadly bombings that struck Abuja

SAfrica prosecution: Nigeria ex-militant guilty

Japan joins U.S, Britain with warning to travelers to Europe; tourists keep calm but alert

Japan warns about Europe terror; tourists are calm

Tricky balancing act: Authorities seek to ensure air safety while weeding out hoaxes

Air threats create tricky balancing act

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — An anonymous call from a Canadian phone booth forces a Pakistan-bound airliner to make a nine-hour stop in Stockholm.

British raise terror risk posed by IRA dissidents, say attack in England a strong possibility

UK says IRA dissident attack in England likely

Rights group accuses FBI of involvement in secret transfers of Kenyan bomb suspects to Uganda

Groups: Kenyan suspects secretly flown to Uganda

Raid in Fallujah brings messy aftermath for Iraqi and US forces

Fallujah raid highlights Iraq’s security concerns

French national police chief says threat of terror attack on France hits peak

Police chief: Threat of attack on France hits peak

AP Interview: Pakistani official says flooding stretches military, will hurt anti-terror fight

AP Interview: Flooding hurts Pakistan terror fight

Philippines asks court to outlaw Abu Sayyaf, blacklist more than 200 militants

Philippines asks court to outlaw Abu Sayyaf

Afghan leader urges rethink of ‘ineffective’ anti-terror strategy, criticizes civilian deaths

Afghan president criticizes anti-terror strategy

21 suspected militants go on trial in Indonesia for allegedly plotting attacks on aid workers

21 suspected militants go on trial in Indonesia

Somali rebels increasingly resemble Taliban: floggings, music bans and possible al-Qaida links

Somalia rebels looking increasingly like Taliban

Pakistan’s failure to convict suspected terrorists is weak link in fight

Pakistan: Lack of terror convictions hurts fight

Man charged with harboring Ugandans once said part of al-Qaida plot to blow up US Embassy

Kenyan accused of harboring Uganda terror suspects

Va. police: Illegal immigrant charged with killing nun and injuring 2 others in car crash

Police: Illegal immigrant crashes, killing Va. nun

Pakistan’s president says international community is losing the war in Afghanistan

Asif Ali Zardari
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Pakistan intelligence chief cancels visit to Britain after PM Cameron’s terrorism remarks

Asif Ali Zardari  

Letter bomb that killed Greek ministerial aide sent through regular mail, police say

Greek anti-terror police probe deadly bombing

Re-arrest of Indonesia’s most-wanted terror suspect highlights flawed deradicalization efforts

Indonesia’s deradicalization program under fire

Police arrest Indonesia’s most-wanted terrorist suspect in raid; weapons seized

Indonesia police raid terrorist hide-out; 1 dead

Indonesia’s anti-terror campaign under fire after police gun down top suspects

Indonesia’s anti-terror campaign under fire

Government under pressure to open US skies to unmanned drones despite safety concerns

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan
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South Korea holds emergency security meeting as North again warns of war

South Korean President Lee

A look at the points of error that resulted in attempted bombing of a Detroit-bound airliner

The points of error that led to attempted bombing

Salazar announces more drilling reforms; Homeland Security, BP to testify on oil spill

Salazar announces onshore drilling reforms

Homeland Security officials, BP executive to testify about oil spill at Senate hearing

Homeland Security officials to testify on spill

Timeline of Gulf oil spill, government response

US President Barack Obama

AP review finds Obama’s response to oil spill response evolved as crisis, details emerged

Obama oil response: aggressive as crisis unfolded

Vendor who alerted police to car bomb in Times Square says he feels like he dodged bullet

Vendor tells of alerting NYC police to car bomb

Car bomb scares, empties Times Square; officials call it ‘amateurish’ but potentially powerful

Car bomb scares Times Square, but fails to explode

Streets reopen in New York’s Times Square after car that bomb was found in is removed

Times Square streets reopen after car bomb found

Buildings, streets evacuated as ‘amateurish’ but dangerous car bomb found in Times Square

President Barack Obama, daughter Sasha Obama and wife

NYC mayor confirms suspicious vehicle in Times Square contained explosive device

President Barack Obama

Suspected car bomb found in Times Square; buildings, thousands of tourists evacuated

Barack Obama (Waxwork)
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Terror attacks spike in Pakistan and Afghanistan, making South Asia world’s top terror region

Terrorist attacks spike in Pakistan, Afghanistan

Homeland Security, Interior to investigate oil rig explosion in Gulf of Mexico

Homeland Security, Interior investigate oil spill

12 killed after al-Qaida-linked militants launch brazen attack on southern Philippine city

12 dead as Muslim militants attack Philippine city

Al-Qaida-linked militants attack southern Philippine city; 11 killed

11 dead as Muslim militants attack Philippine city

Al-Qaida-linked militants attack southern Philippine city; 9 killed

9 dead as Muslim militants attack Philippine city

Beat police protect NYC subway tunnels from terror, including one in a Brooklyn brownstone

Beneath NYC, police protect tunnels from terror

Homeland Security chief says she’s considering RI plea for federal grants for flooding