Contractor: Rig data before Gulf blast obscured because so many activities going at once

Contractor: Activity on busy rig obscured key data

Technician challenges BP’s claim on how long it would have taken to install key devices

Technician challenges BP’s claim on key devices

APNewsBreak: Analysis hasn’t begun on device designed to halt spill; raised from sea Sept. 4

APNewsBreak: Blowout preventer testing not started

Federal oil spill investigators: Transocean thwarting efforts to get documents, expert

Panel: Transocean thwarts efforts to get documents

Salvage contractor: BP interfered with effort to close device meant to stop oil gusher

Contractor: BP interfered with critical efforts

Coast Guard official: Considering more than 100 survived, evacuation on doomed rig went well

Coast Guard: Evacuation on doomed rig went well

Federal panel looking for information about safety culture, other issues during spill hearings

US investigative panel meets for 5th time on spill

Feinberg says $20 billion Gulf oil fund set up by BP will begin payments in early August

$20 billion oil fund to begin payments in August

More machinery on way to BP spill site as questions on financial claims mount