Circuit judge orders new trial for SC man who blames Zoloft in grandparents’ shotgun deaths

New trial granted for SC man in Zoloft case

Firebomb thrown into medical marijuana business on day of important vote by City Council

Firebomb thrown at marijuana business in Montana

Doctors warn of health threats from wreckage and rotting debris left by Chile quake, tsunami

Doctors warn of health threat from Chile wreckage

Chile begins vaccinations, emphasizes health threats a week after deadly quake

Foreign hospitals help quake-damaged health system

Pa. 911 operator says ‘Help is on the way,’ but man dies waiting for ambulance during storm

Pa. man dies during storm when 911 calls unheeded

UN vows to stop giving out free medicine to any Haitian hospitals who are charging patients.

UN slams Haitian hospitals for charging patients

Basic medicines running out as doctors, aid groups treat Haiti’s thousands of sick and injured

Medicine running out at Haiti hospitals, clinics

Drug makers, suppliers, other health cos donating $15.5 million in supplies and cash for Haiti

Health companies giving $15.5M for Haiti relief