Hungarian Science Academy says heavy metal content of sludge well below danger levels

Scientists say heavy metal in sludge not dangerous

Hungary says toxic red sludge has reached the Danube but no immediate damage seen yet

Hungary: Toxic red sludge has reached the Danube

Gulf Coast counts on tourism boost from newly announced fall fishing season for red snapper

Gulf Coast eyes tourism boost from fall fishing

A slow-moving monster: North Dakota lake fills with water, swallows land and buildings

North Dakota lake swallows land and buildings

Bleaching of Caribbean corals could surpass record loss of color set in 2005, experts say

Experts: Caribbean corals could face record bleach

A lesson in forgiveness: Shark attack survivors say save the creatures that bit us

Shark attack survivors don’t forget but do forgive

AP ENTERPRISE: News monitor, anti-Palin group among those landing US Gulf spill contracts

Sarah Palin

3 killed as helicopter crashes, breaks apart on downtown street in Idaho town

3 killed when copter crashes in Idaho downtown

2 killed, 1 injured as helicopter crashes, breaks apart in downtown of Idaho town

2 killed when copter crashes in Idaho downtown

Officials: Thousands of fish likely died from seasonal lack of oxygen, not oil spill

Officials: Oil probably didn’t cause fish kill

Family of 24-year-old Ohio man killed by captive bear takes some comfort in animal’s death

Bear who mauled caretaker is put to death in Ohio

Louisiana biologist’s experimental oysters are safe from spill, but can they save an industry?

La. scientist’s oysters safe from oil, but pricey

New study: Oil plume under Gulf surface is big _ 22 miles long _ and likely to survive awhile

Major study charts long-lasting oil plume in Gulf

Official: Distress beacon registered to downed plane in Alaska; no alert reported, though

NOAA: Distress beacon registered to Alaska plane

Gulf relief well down to final 100 feet as engineers aim for target smaller than a dartboard

Gulf relief well down to final, tricky 100 feet

Spill chief: BP drilling last 100 feet of relief well meant to shoot final plug into Gulf well

Final plug targeted as BP resumes relief well work

Scientists watching Gulf of Mexico’s blue crabs for evidence that oil is entering food chain

Oiled crabs stoke fears spill is tainting food web

Crews wait for cement to dry in final steps to seal blown-out oil well in Gulf of Mexico

Crews wait for cement to dry in Gulf oil well

As efforts ramp up to plug leaking oil, BP retains option of sealing or selling

To seal or sell? BP has options on remaining oil

Officials prepare to inspect ruptured section of pipeline that dumped oil into Michigan river

Officials to inspect ruptured Mich. oil pipeline

AP Enterprise: Survey of scientists reveals faith that Gulf can rebound from BP oil spill

AP Enterprise: Scientists think Gulf can recover

Crews hope attempt to seal off oil at bottom of Gulf will do the final trick

On Gulf, crews hope kill attempt will do the trick

Diverse life in Oil-plagued Gulf of Mexico was already threatened, new study reports

Gulf diversity threatened even before oil spill

‘Smell tests’ leave bad taste in mouths of Louisiana fishermen who harbor contamination fears

La. fishermen wrinkle their noses at ’smell tests’

As plugging attempt nears, new questions arise on toxic chemicals used on Gulf oil

New questions arise on dispersant use in oil spill

Congressional investigators blast BP, Coast Guard for liberal dispersant use

Investigators blast BP for liberal dispersant use

Cleanup of Mich. river oil spill to take months, damage to wildlife to last much longer

Cleanup of Mich. river oil spill will take months

Wildlife rescue escalates along Mich. river oil spill; environmentalists worry about long-term

Wildlife rescue escalates at Mich. river oil spill

Government pays farmers to create habitats for birds whose grounds are threatened by oil

Feds, farmers create habitats for migrating birds

Smithsonian’s vast invertebrate collection could help determine full impact of Gulf oil spill

Smithsonian holdings to aid researchers in Gulf

Some oil spill events from Saturday, July 10, 2010

Some oil spill events from Saturday, July 10, 2010

Government: Gulf seafood tested so far shows no worrisome levels of oil contamination

NOAA: Gulf seafood tested so far is safe to eat

Threatened sea turtle eggs whisked away from oiled Gulf Coast in unprecedented evacuation

Sea turtle egg evacuations begin along oiled Gulf

Wildlife regulators found potential Gulf oil spills posed low risk to endangered species

Wildlife agency predicted low risk from oil spills

Far from Gulf disaster’s glare, Nigeria’s chronic oil spills are its 50-year nightmare

Gulf spill a familiar story in oil-soaked Nigeria

Coast Guard, BP test giant oil skimmer, hope it can scoop millions of gallons of tainted water

Giant oil skimmer being tested in Gulf of Mexico

Scientists discover oil blotches on tiny blue crab larvae in Gulf of Mexico, source uncertain

Scientists find oil blotches on Gulf crab larvae

Study will look at oil spill’s effects on whales, other endangered species in the Gulf

Study will look at oil spill’s effect on whales

Some oil spill events from Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some oil spill events from Thursday, July 1, 2010

Other seas for the fish: Gulf spill creates problems, but buyers look elsewhere