Report: 12 killed in blast aboard minibus in southeast Turkey

Report: 12 killed in minibus blast in Turkey

Land mines wash up on SKorean shores, apparently swept by rains from North; 1 man killed

Land mine swept ashore from NKorea kills SKorean

Police say 4 soldiers killed, 25 injured in landmine attack in India’s remote northeast

Police say 4 soldiers killed in landmine attack

Floods in Bosnia wash away river banks containing land mines planted during the war

Floods in Bosnia wash away mine fields

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Floods in Bosnia displaced thousands this week as they washed away homes, crops and bridges. The torrents may have also swept loose a perhaps even bigger concern: land mines planted during the Bosnian war.

Central America declared free of anti-personnel mines after Nicaragua says territory’s clear

Central America called free of antipersonnel mines

On visit to increasingly violent north, Afghan president calls on Taliban to join in dialogue

Afghan president urges Taliban to air grievances

5 Afghan deminers killed by roadside bomb; 1 Polish soldier lightly wounded in base shooting

5 Afghan deminers killed in roadside bombing

NATO forces turn to man’s best friend to ferret out deadly hidden bombs in Afghanistan

Trained dogs sniff out hidden bombs in Afghanistan