Coast Guard says Lake Huron beach oil spill cleanup mostly complete, still investigating cause

Coast Guard: Most oil gone from Lake Huron beach

US aluminum mining plants employ different methods, sludge flood like Hungary’s unlikely

Sludge flood like Hungary’s unlikely in US

Coast Guard investigates source of oil spill polluting a Lake Huron beach at Mich. state park

Coast Guard investigates oil on Lake Huron beach

A slow-moving monster: North Dakota lake fills with water, swallows land and buildings

North Dakota lake swallows land and buildings

Plan to ship nuke generators on Great Lakes stirs fears about leaks, despite safety assurances

Great Lakes nuke shipment plan stirs accident fear

Father Red: Community mourns priest, among many still unaccounted for 5 years after Katrina

Priest among missing 5 years after Katrina

Wildlife rescue escalates along Mich. river oil spill; environmentalists worry about long-term

Wildlife rescue escalates at Mich. river oil spill

History of pipeline problems follows Canadian company at center of huge Mich. river oil spill

Company at center of Mich. oil cited for problems

Company at center of million-gallon oil leak into Mich. river has history of pipeline problems

Past problems for company at heart of oil spill

Company whose pipeline leaked oil into Mich. river was warned about its corrosion monitoring

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Company, authorities work to keep oil spill EPA says could be 1M gallons out of Lake Michigan

Crews work to keep oil spill from Lake Michigan

EPA says 1 million gallons of oil may have spilled in Mich. river, governor criticizes cleanup

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

Michigan governor: Resources brought by pipeline company, EPA to fight oil spill ‘inadequate’