Exxon Mobil CEO says company is helping BP figure out how to control Gulf spill

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

Baby survives after his stroller rolls off platform and is struck by train in Australia

Australian baby lives after stroller hit by train

AP Exclusive: Workers describe bureaucracy, technical failures before Gulf rig exploded

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BP to try to choke off oil gusher in Gulf; testimony says decisions aboard rig criticized

The White House

Responders taking cautious approach to clean up trans-Alaska pipeline spill, restart oil flow

Crews working to get Alaska pipeline flowing again

BP CEO expects to decide soon whether to start ‘top kill’ bid to plug Gulf oil leak with mud

BP still deciding whether to pump mud to stop oil

Floods kill 115 in southern China, cause $2.2 billion in damages

Floods kill 115 in southern China

BEIJING — A torrent of floods caused by heavy storms have killed 115 people in southern China, with 21 people still missing as weather reports show rains beginning to subside.

Settlement reached in wrongful death lawsuit involving major leaguer Jim Leyritz, car crash

Leyritz wrongful death lawsuit in Fla. settled

Paisley, Gill, Wariner and Skaggs, oh my! Opry launches 85th birthday celebration with a bang

Paisley, Gill, Wariner and Skaggs rock the Opry

North Korea makes new threats against South as Clinton arrives for crisis talks

NKorea threatens to ban border traffic

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea threatened Wednesday to block all cross-border traffic and blow up any South Korean loudspeakers blasting propaganda northward after a six-year hiatus, as tensions soared over the sinking of a South Korean warship.

Germany forward Thomas Mueller injured in mountain bike fall, will stay on World Cup squad

Germany forward Mueller injured in bike accident

BP’s latest bid to stop Gulf oil awaits final call by CEO; warnings cited before April blast

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BP says effort has started to try to stop leaking Gulf oil well by filling it with mud

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Coast Guard gives BP approval to try to cap leaking Gulf oil well; no word on start time

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Rig worker says senior managers complained BP took ’shortcuts’ before Gulf well blowout

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

AP Exclusive: Worker says managers complained BP took shortcuts before blast; feds OK top kill

US President Barack Obama

AP Exclusive: Rig worker says managers complained BP took ’shortcuts’ before explosion

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BP CEO says expects to decide soon whether to go ahead with effort to fill oil leak with mud

BP expects decision soon on attempt to stop oil

North Korea makes new threats against South; Clinton calls sinking ‘unacceptable provocation’

NKorea threatens to ban cross-border traffic

China says weighing evidence in sinking of South Korean warship Seoul blames on North Korea

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Some oil spill events from Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Protesters rally outside the White House

6-year-old girl killed in Germany as rare tornado hits the nation

Girl killed by tornado in Germany

BERLIN — Police say a 6-year-old girl has died of injuries sustained when a tree fell on the car she was traveling in as a rare tornado ripped through eastern Germany.

Snowed under: A pair of Florida bids for the 2014 Super Bowl come up short

Miami, Tampa fall in 2014 Super Bowl chase

Chafing at SKorea’s punishment for ship sinking, NKorea severs all ties, raises war rhetoric

NKorea cuts ties with South, raises war rhetoric

NFL puts warm-weather rule on ice, picks NJ for 2014 Super Bowl (You got a problem with that?)

A snowball’s chance: NJ picked for 2014 Super Bowl

Oil well plug readied as spill marks 5 weeks; probe cites cronyism between companies, agency

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BP probe of Gulf spill focuses on cementing, blowout preventer; feds briefed on findings

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

Offshore drillers face more government and higher costs. But that’s where the oil is.

Offshore drilling here to stay, but changes coming

Probe finds meth, porn use by staff at agency overseeing offshore drilling, cites cronyism

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History repeats itself: BP had key role in Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska

BP had a key role in the Exxon Valdez disaster

BP’s own investigation of oil rig explosion largely focuses on work done by other companies

BP internal probe focuses on other companies’ work

NKorea severs all ties with SKorea, as South launches psychological warfare over ship sinking