Despite years of training, funding, Iraqi forces still struggling as US turns over mission

Iraqi forces still frail as US troops head home

Report: Kurdish rebels vow to fight on; Turkish police detain 27 over deadly bomb attack

Report: Kurdish rebels vow to fight on

ANKARA, Turkey — A Kurdish rebel commander threatened more attacks on Turkish targets on Wednesday, saying the guerrilla group would keep fighting until its demands for greater rights and autonomy are met, a pro-Kurdish news agency reported.

Turkish jets raid northern Iraq, after Kurdish rebel attack troops near border

Turkish jets raid northern Iraq, clashes kill 23

Military: 8 Turkish soldiers, 12 Kurdish rebels killed in clash near Iraqi border

8 Turkish soldiers, 12 rebels killed in clashes

Turkish military: More than 100 Kurdish rebels killed in northern Iraq air raid in May

Turkey: May air raid killed 100 Kurdish rebels

Rebel attacks in once-safer parts of Turkey threaten an unusual government outreach to Kurds

Attacks threaten unusual Turkish outreach to Kurds

Former Afghan commanders no-shows at ceremony to mark mujahedeen victory over the Soviets

Afghans mark anniversary of mujahedeen victory