DUI manslaughter trial of ex-major leaguer Leyritz on temporary hold; wrangling over evidence

Leyritz DUI manslaughter trial temporarily on hold

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman unhurt after Land Rover flips on highway in South Florida

Dennis Rodman unhurt when Land Rover flips in Fla.

Prosecutor: Woman charged in NY killing of hotel heir husband also accused in Fla. death

Prosecutor accuses hotel heir wife in Fla. death

Prosecutor: Fla. woman accused in NY of killing her hotel heir husband also killed his mother

Feds: Accused NY killer also killed in Fla.

Settlement reached in wrongful death lawsuit involving major leaguer Jim Leyritz, car crash

Leyritz wrongful death lawsuit in Fla. settled

Fla. teen who was doused with alcohol and set on fire in the fall goes back to school

Fla. teen who was set on fire goes back to school

Winter storm could have impact on Super Bowl despite warm, sunny weather in South Florida

Winter storm could have impact on Super Bowl