Pa. ex-pastor ordered to stand trial on charges he killed wife, staged cover-up car crash

Pa. ex-pastor to stand trial in wife’s ‘08 death

Out of rubble of Haiti hotel, online family is born as Facebookers vow to leave no one behind

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DNA test may cast doubt on executed Texan’s guilt; it won’t change minds of victim’s family

DNA test may cast doubt on executed Texan’s guilt

Bosnian lab that identifies victims of atrocities and disasters helps Iraq unearth war secrets

Bosnian lab helps Iraq unearth war secrets

Ark. doctor convicted of masterminding bomb attack on state medical board chairman

Ark. doctor convicted in bomb attack on board head

Prosecutors say Ark. doctor sought revenge, but no forensic evidence, witnesses link him bomb

Prosecutors: Revenge pushed Ark. doctor to bombing

Prosecutor tells jury Ark. doctor masterminded bomb attack despite lack of forensic evidence

Prosecutor: Ark. doctor masterminded bomb attack

Court lowers to 12 those killed in feastday rail accident in Spain

Death toll in Spanish rail accident lowered to 12

No body? Prosecutors say no problem most of the time despite challenges; cases more common now

No body? No problem convicting, 90 percent of time

Coroner in Ohio says mix-up of plane crash victims means 1 man is cremated by mistake

Ohio plane crash victim cremated by mistake

Second pathologist testifies that death of Drew Peterson’s ex-wife was no accident

Pathologist: Death of Peterson’s ex was homicide

Drew Peterson prosecutors face challenge of convincing jurors ex-wife’s death wasn’t accident

Prosecutors must show Peterson’s wife was killed

Coroner as celebrity: After 50 years of death, Dr. Cyril Wecht looks back on life

Death be proud: Cyril Wecht, the man in the morgue

Apparent bomb kills 8, injures 32 in a bakery near western India ashram

Apparent bomb kills 8 in Indian bakery

NEW DELHI — An apparent bomb tore through a crowded bakery popular with foreigners on Saturday in western India, killing at least eight people and wounding 42 near a famed meditation center. If confirmed, it would be the country’s first terror attack since the Mumbai rampage in 2008.

Pathologist says death of Drew Peterson’s ex-wife wasn’t accident, injuries weren’t from fall

Pathologist: Peterson’s ex-wife didn’t die in fall

Lebanese experts return from Ethiopia with DNA samples of relatives of plane crash victims

Lebanon gets relatives’ DNA in Ethiopian jet crash

Al-Qaida group claims Baghdad suicide bombing at crime lab

Al-Qaida group claims crime lab bombing in Baghdad

Suicide bombing targets police crime lab in Baghdad, killing at least 21

Car bomb hits Baghdad police crime lab, 21 killed

Texas forensic science panel to meet, but won’t resume probe of possible wrongful execution

Texas panel to meet, but Willingham not on agenda