A slow-moving monster: North Dakota lake fills with water, swallows land and buildings

North Dakota lake swallows land and buildings

Fargo mayor says it’s time to take down levees as Red River recedes, major flood risk ends

Red River recedes, ending major flood risk in ND

From worm-like plastic dams to sandbag warehouse, some businesses thrive when floodwaters hit

Some companies thrive as Red, other rivers flood

Solution for perennial Fargo’s Red River flooding in sight, but costly _ and decade away

Fargo’s long-term flood solution: 10 years, $1.3B

Floods recede in Fargo, but environmental hazards from livestock carcasses, dirty sand linger

Floods recede in Fargo, but other hazards linger

Flood fears dwindle in Fargo as Red River hits crest, starts to recede without major damage

Flood fears recede in Fargo as river hits crest

Red River hits crest without doing much damage; flood fears start to recede in Fargo, ND

Red River hits crest, begins to recede in Fargo

Approaching Red River crest met with more shrugs than white knuckles for Fargo residents

Fargo on brink of declaring victory in flood fight

Fargo on brink of declaring victory as weeklong fight against river flooding nears its climax

Fargo’s fight against flooding nears its climax

With celebration cigars ready, Fargo calmly waits for river to crest and flood threat to pass

Fargo calm, confident as Red River completes rise

Weather service lowers projected Red River crest another half-foot for Fargo, ND, area

Expected Red crest down another half-foot at Fargo

Don’t light the cigar yet: Fargo officials stress its too early to celebrate flood victory

Fargo officials: Don’t celebrate flood victory yet

For a second year, tiny town in Fargo’s shadow worries its creaky dam could break

Bloated lake haunts North Dakota town again

Never the same river twice: Forecasting how much the Red River will rise is tricky business

Many tools but no guarantees in forecasting floods

Weather service lowers its projected Red River crest by a half-foot for Fargo, ND, area

Weather service lowers predicted Red River crest

Farmers near Fargo worry about back-to-back crop, livestock losses as floods submerge fields

Fargo floods turn farm fields into sprawling lakes

From chopping down trees to torching ice, Fargo residents use new methods in their flood fight

Fargo residents learn from mistakes in flood fight

Some Fargo residents determined to stay despite floods _ but 1 has a canoe just in case

Some Fargo residents refuse to move despite floods

With a million sandbags at the ready, Red River flood fight turns to waiting for weekend crest

Sandbags on hand, Red River area waits for flood

In Fargo, ND, the city’s youngest citizens volunteer to protect neighbors from floods

Kids, teens key to flood fighting effort in Fargo

Learning lessons from ‘09 flood, more North Dakota and Minnesota residents buy insurance

Lesson learned: More buy flood insurance after ‘09

Volunteers along rising Red River fill more sandbags, build dikes to prepare for flood waters

Volunteers along Red River in flood-fighting mode

Government warns of spring flooding in Midwest, South, East after wet winter

Widespread spring flooding forecast

WASHINGTON — With truckloads of sandbags rolling into cities like Fargo, N.D. and Moorhead, Minn., the government confirmed residents’ fears Tuesday, forecasting major flooding in the Midwest following a wetter than normal winter.

Fargo, ND, residents start piling up sandbags as they get ready for expected Red River flood

Fargo residents get ready for Red River flooding

Trucks deliver piles of sandbags as residents in Fargo, ND, prepare for Red River flooding

Sandbags delivered ahead of expected Fargo flood

Officials start delivering sandbags as residents in Fargo, ND prepare for Red River flooding

Sandbag delivery begins ahead of floods in Fargo

N. Dakota, Minnesota residents step up sandbagging as Red River rising faster than expected