Greenpeace warns of arsenic, mercury levels in sludge that seeped out of Hungarian reservoir

Greenpeace: high arsenic, mercury levels in sludge

Toxic red sludge reaches the Danube, countries downstream test for damaging pollutants

Mighty Danube neutralizes toxic red sludge

Anti-whaling activists trade claims over sinking of protest boat in Japanese whaler collision

Sea Shepherd, whaling protester in NZ public spat

Interior Department sets new rules for offshore drilling, a step toward lifting deepwater ban

Interior Dept. sets new offshore drilling rules

Wis. officials consider buying out homeowners rather than making costly repairs to old levee

Wis. officials say old dike may add to flood risk

Obama urged to seek spill penalties to pay for Gulf coast restoration, help states after spill

Obama endorses using fines for Gulf rehabilitation

AP source: No negotiations under way between Obama administration, BP over possible settlement

AP source: No administration negotiations with BP

APNewsBreak: Congressman says BP, Obama administration discussing oil spill fine settlement

APNewsBreak: BP, feds in talks over spill fines

Congressman says BP, Obama administration trying to reach settlement on oil spill fines

Congressman: BP, feds in talks over spill fines

Obama urged to seek spill penalties to pay for Gulf coast restoration after oil spill

Obama urged to use spill fines to restore Gulf

With well killed, BP works to determine its own estimate of how much oil spilled in Gulf

BP works on own estimate for amount of oil spilled

A lesson in forgiveness: Shark attack survivors say save the creatures that bit us

Shark attack survivors don’t forget but do forgive

Egypt protects water purification stations along Nile after barge leaks diesel fuel into river

Egypt protects water stations from Nile oil spill

Environmental worries place scrutiny on wildfire retardant drops in Colorado and the West

Fire retardant drops come under scrutiny in West

Disaster area declared for farmers, ranchers in drought-blighted Calif.-Ore. border region

Drought-hit Calif.-Ore. border getting feds’ help

First oiled turtles released in Gulf after rehab; Scientists say animals have been resilient

First oiled turtles released in Gulf after rehab

Ames must cut water usage after flooding because conservation efforts are falling short

Ames must conserve to restore water after flooding

Water towers filling in Ames, Iowa, but residents urged to conserve as water crisis persists

Ames water towers filling, but crisis persists

Flooded Iowa city warns residents to use bottled water as it tries to repair burst pipes

Iowa city resigned to bottled water after floods

Fears rise that Russian wildfires could spread radioactive fallout from Chernobyl disaster

Russian wildfires raise Chernobyl radiation fears

Along Gulf Coast, oil well’s plugging brings relief but fear of abandonment, too

Well plugging brings relief but abandonment fears

Along Gulf coast, capping of spill brings relief but fear of abandonment, too

Well capping brings relief but fear of abandonment

Government pays farmers to create habitats for birds whose grounds are threatened by oil

Feds, farmers create habitats for migrating birds

Reid unveils pared-down energy and oil bill following collapse of climate legislation

Reid unveils pared-down energy and oil bill

Federal biologists release hundreds of endangered baby sea turtles into Texas Gulf waters

Biologists release endangered turtles into Gulf

Feds to release baby turtles in Texas Gulf, figuring risks of captivity outweigh risks of oil

Despite oil, baby turtles being released to Gulf

Growing number of bird deaths reported on Gulf Coast; Bird conservation groups raise alarm

Reported number of bird deaths grow on Gulf Coast

Senate Democrats give up on comprehensive energy bill, focus on Gulf oil spill response

States Senator John Kerry
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Obama launches new national policy to strengthen management of oceans

Obama launches policy to protect oceans

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Monday announced a new national policy for strengthening the way the U.S. manages its oceans and coasts, and the Great Lakes.

First batch of sea turtle hatchlings rescued from oily Gulf of Mexico released into Atlantic

Sea turtles rescued from Gulf spill released

Threatened sea turtle eggs whisked away from oiled Gulf Coast in unprecedented evacuation

Sea turtle egg evacuations begin along oiled Gulf

Wildlife regulators found potential Gulf oil spills posed low risk to endangered species

Wildlife agency predicted low risk from oil spills

Deal being finalized in lawsuit alleging turtles were killed when BP burned oil from Gulf well

Deal being finalized in lawsuit over Gulf turtles

Judge: Deal reached in lawsuit alleging turtles killed in BP’s controlled oil burns in Gulf

Deal reached in lawsuit alleging turtles burned

Wildlife groups claim sea turtles dying in BP oil burns, ask federal judge to intervene

Lawsuit claims turtles are dying in BP oil burns

Scientists to whisk some 70,000 turtle eggs away from oil spill in rare effort to save species

Some 70,000 turtle eggs to be whisked far from oil

Some oil spill events from Thursday, June 24, 2010

Barack Obama

62 brown pelicans rehabbed after Gulf of Mexico oil spill released at wildlife refuge in Texas

Pelicans rehabbed from oil spill released in Texas

Obama pledges to restore Gulf Coast, a region devastated by land loss, hurricanes

President Barack Obama

Oil from Gulf spill could soon become gas fueling cars once BP sells the crude for charity

Spill oil to seep into supply chain as BP sells it

Rescuers call caring for oiled wildlife the right thing to do, even if critics say it’s futile

Rescuing oiled birds: Poignant, but is it futile?

Alabama’s Magnolia River gets mired in nightmare of red tape to protect it from Gulf oil spill

Ala. river mired in red tape to protect from spill

Well cap captures more oil, but the spill is breaking up into patches, and outlook is gloomy