Hungarian town of Kolontar being evacuated on fears of new sludge flood from reservoir

Hungary town evacuated, fears of new sludge flood

Floods continue to devastate Vietnam, 62 dead and 100,000 without food

Floods claim 62 in Vietnam, 20 still missing

Hungary’s national investigators take over probe into toxic sludge disaster, EU offers to help

Hungary opens criminal probe into sludge disaster

Govt lacks copies of emergency response plans developed by natural gas pipeline operators

Natural gas pipeline crisis plans kept from public

Massive floods kill 26 in central Vietnam; helicopters drop aid to isolated villages

Massive floods kill 26 in Vietnam; 9 missing

3 dead, 6 missing after red sludge from alumina plant floods towns in western Hungary

Death toll rises to 3 in Hungary sludge flood

Salvage contractor: BP interfered with effort to close device meant to stop oil gusher

Contractor: BP interfered with critical efforts

Osama bin Laden surfaces with humanitarian appeal for Pakistani floods in 2nd tape in 24-hours

Osama bin Laden softens tone, but to what end?

In 2nd tape in 24-hours, bin Laden accuses Muslim nations of poor response to Pakistan floods

In 2nd tape, bin Laden urges Pakistan flood relief

In new tape, bin Laden presents himself as protector of Pakistanis after devastating floods

Bin Laden uses Pakistani floods to drum up support

Deaths in Jamaica at 5 as rains dumped by Tropical Storm Nicole trigger mudslides, floods

Death toll rises to 5 in Jamaican floods, slides

Rain pounds NC, bringing flood and wind worries as storm moves up the East Coast

Rain pounds NC as storm moves up the East Coast

Mexico resumes search for 11 missing in collapsed hillside as slide kills 16 in another town

Mexico: Landslide in another town kills 16 people

Mexico resumes search for 11 missing in collapsed hillside as slide kills 12 in another town

Mexico: Landslide in another town kills 12 people

Tropical Storm Nicole forms, may skirt Florida and head for Bahamas

Tropical Storm Nicole forms, may skirt Florida

Al-Qaida’s US-born spokesman assails Pakistan over its response to floods

Al-Qaida US-born spokesman criticizes Pakistan

Wis. officials consider buying out homeowners rather than making costly repairs to old levee

Wis. officials say old dike may add to flood risk

FEMA rejects disaster aid for Calif gas line blast that destroyed 37 homes; 8th victim dies

FEMA rejects disaster aid for Calif gas line blast

8th victim dies from Northern California gas line explosion that destroyed 37 homes

8th victim dies from Calif gas line explosion

AP IMPACT: US pledged $1.15B to rebuild Haiti; 6 months later, none of it has arrived

AP IMPACT: Haiti still waiting for pledged US aid

Drenched Mexican hillside collapses on sleeping residents; at least 7 dead, 100 missing

Drenched Mexico hillside collapses; at least 7 die

Officials say swollen river threatening Wis. town’s levee should recede rapidly

Officials: Swollen Wis. river should drop rapidly

Mexican governor says hundreds feared dead as hillside collapses on homes.

Mexican governor: hundreds feared dead in slide

Officials confident levee will hold after flooding made Wisconsin neighborhood an island

Officials optimistic weakened Wis. levee will hold

Emergency management director says levee weakened by heavy rain holding in Wisconsin

Storm-weakened levee holding in Wisconsin

PORTAGE, Wis. — Emergency authorities say a 14-mile levee system partially breached by floodwaters in southcentral Wisconsin is holding.

Gallup poll: 25 percent increase in depression cases along Gulf Coast since massive BP spill

Gallup: Depression up 25 percent on Gulf after oil

Officials confident levee will hold after flooding made Wis. neighborhood an island

Officials to inspect breached levee in Wisconsin

Central Wis. levee weakens; neighborhood becomes virtual island as water covers access road

Wis. neighborhood becomes island as levee weakens

Oil gusher is dead, but the anguish of Gulf Coast residents still very much alive

Oil gusher is dead, but not residents’ anguish

Flood-damaged levee holds, some residents of Wisconsin River town evacuate

Flood-damaged levee holds in central Wisconsin

Officials: Part of levee fails near Wis. park; access road into area closes

Officials say levee fails near Wis. park

PORTAGE, Wis. — A levee along the Wisconsin River failed Sunday, flooding the access road leading to a park area and cutting off any residents who did not heed daylong warnings to evacuate.

Officials: Part of levee near Blackhawk Park is failing; access road into area is closing

Officials say levee failing near Wis. park

Flooding eases in parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin but fight continues in some communities

Flood fight continues in parts of Minn., Wis.

US pushes aid partners in Pakistan to advertise they get American funding

US wants more aid recognition in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD — Concerned that U.S. help to Pakistan is not getting enough recognition, Washington is making a new push to get international aid groups it funds to advertise the fact. But it is meeting resistance from partners worried U.S. branding could prompt Taliban attacks.

Dry day gives Upper Midwest flood fighters a break, but trouble has not passed

Dry day gives flood fighters break in Minn., Wis.

Enbridge to restart oil pipeline early next week, nearly 2 months after large Mich. spill

Enbridge to restart oil pipeline after Mich. spill

In town hit by Hurricane Rita, many are priced out of recovery, feel overshadowed by Katrina

5 years after Rita hit, some left out of recovery

Storm pounds upper Midwest, causing flooding that forces evacuation of Wis. city’s downtown

Flooding forces Wis. city to evacuate downtown

Former President Clinton opens annual conference, warns of natural disasters and poor economy

Bill Clinton: Economy, disasters imperil millions

Hurricane Igor pelts eastern Canada with heavy rains; new storm heading toward Mexico

Hurricane Igor hits Canada with heavy rains

1 missing, schools close as Texas coast soaked by quick downpour and more rain on the way

1 missing in flooding as rain pounds Texas coast

On 25th anniversary of 1985 quake, Mexico sees lasting effects

Mexico marks 25th anniversary of ‘85 quake

Fire mitigation efforts west of Boulder under review; officials say it worked by some measures

Fire mitigation west of Boulder under review

Hurricane Igor barrels toward Bermuda; remnants of Karl soak southern Mexico

Bermuda braces for Hurricane Igor; Karl dissipates

Venezuela state airline suspends flights for 2 weeks to review procedures after plane crash

Venezuela airline suspends flights after crash

Study calls for better coordination in US system for sending alerts about giant sea waves

Better coordination needed in US tsunami warnings

Powerful Hurricane Karl forces evacuation of wells, nuclear plant as it nears Mexican coast

Powerful Hurricane Karl nears Mexican Gulf coast

Red Cross officials from 2 Koreas meet in North to discuss reuniting divided Koreans

2 Koreas discuss reuniting families divided by war

US envoy says Pakistan will need to raise billions of dollars to rebuild after floods

US envoy warns Pakistan of flood funding shortfall

NKorea calls for joint investigation with US into ship sinking that killed 46 SKorean sailors

NKorea calls for probe with US into ship sinking